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Thread: my first attempt

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    Default my first attempt

    before you stumble across my path
    ask yourself why you here, do the math
    two plus two, four youre a boooore
    your little mans not wanted anymore
    "size doesnt matter" jibber jabber
    you slackin everytime we mackin'
    mr road runner, ten minutes what a bummer
    around my town and down the block
    public knowledge you got that nasty cock

    this is about...idk! small penis, aids,
    i suck, maybe ill write more if i get more bored later
    u can leave feedback if u like

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    you should post this rhyme as a myspace bulletin sweet heart

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    Pretty good...
    Nice too see a diiferent kind of style in here.

    I also made my first attempt not too long ago :

    Can't get how "Only Ten Minutes What A Bummer"
    That ain't right !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NBAJAM View Post
    you should post this rhyme as a myspace bulletin sweet heart
    hahah yeah maybe ur right

    and thanks whers, i like yours better than mine

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