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i am most def a wu fan over anything else, but real hip hop fans cant deny they feelin of ghost and raekwon, that wouldve been a sick duo had it ridden out throughout the years...
Cant agree more,but the originality is what makes Kast special,not that RAGU doesnt have it...And Kast never fell off,they didn't make ATLiens-style-songs wack,they experimented,Dre with the blues,Big Boi with the jazzy thing.The new songs are real dope:Royal Flush is a 4.5 star song (the production is so raw).Art of Storytellin Pt 4 is a mix of ATLiens and Aquemini style,and a 5 star song.They'll return to their roots I believe,and make more shit that will be the proof that they're timeless.So lets start with some favorites-

Top 10 Kast songs

Best album