U aint my trouble old man, u a dead meat/
L.A.W.S rockets,propellin faster than sluggs hoppin gauges 4rom ma
train of thoughts biscuits/
Dont test me!,i have a temper fit 4 a God/
ill pull out yoh damn heart and feed it 2 ma dogs/
there are limts 2 ma patience lyk treatments given 2 a physchatric patient/
ma lyrics potray a razor sharp whip/ capable of flickin off your nose,ears,and privates/
handling dem back 2 yah b4 u knew dey were gone/
4uck u cuz u hurtin me/
its all bout war am stalkin/
motha-fucka keep yoh groin duckin canon,propellin 4rom diverse angles slang bangin aiming 4
yoh anus/
b***h 'TURKEY' u git ripped 4 nothin/no reason,i beat yoh ass all season/