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Thread: RZA Interview

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    It's a recent interview of the Abbot on a french website. Actually, it's the best European website on the Independant scene. The intrview is in french and in english also. Enjoy:http://www.hiphopcore.net/

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    dope, thanks

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    nice interview

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    this was on chambermusik maybe 2 weeks ago, props though.
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    RZA has always something good to say ! he's very interresting during his interviews! I always read RZA's interviews 'cause theres always something to learn about! thanks for the link dark wave!
    Wu-tang is one thing that made my life more interresting lol. RZA inspires me. And to all of you people living with negativity inside yourselves...remember that if God is for us, who can be against us?

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    Ok? English?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel_INS
    Ok? English?
    You didn't find the english version of it? I put a direct link:http://www.hiphopcore.net/interviews/rza_english.php3
    It's a really good interview. I personnaly learn some shit about the early years of "Prince Rakeem". Interesting.

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    nice kid.
    allah is one

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    nice find

    still standin tall

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    Default Re: RZA Interview

    I read this before, it's a fucking great interview.
    Wu-Tang Corp Admin Mark Mayoya

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    Default Re: RZA Interview

    cool interview, but why does he say Maxine wasn't a sample, when it was?
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