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Thread: any classical listeners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skellington View Post
    True, those were some real artists, not like nowadays, sit your lazy ass infront of a computer and produce a beat...that shit is childsplay.
    But it takes alot of talent and creativity to cook up something marvelous like back in the good ol' barok/renaissance days.

    There's only very few who can match up to these standards.

    Howard shore's music for instance on that Eastern Promisses joint...that's some sweet modern classic music...absolutely love that.

    But none of present day music artists can fuck with the classic sheet music.

    word ...

    i dont know that guy , will check him out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinity tha God View Post
    i recently dl'd some johannes brahms but i havent opened it yet. I'll be chopping it up and making things out of it though. thats why I dl'd it.
    definitely one of the greatests i went to a concert last week and they played symphony no4 - fucking blew me away

    off topic - what s with coolio? - always dug him but he was a one hit wonder ...

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    On the off topic:
    Here's what's with Coolio lately-

    Also, his latest album was the only album I've ever downloaded and deleted off my computer, within an hour, no less.

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    Well , I go to open that Brahms and low and behold I needed a password and I Dl'd that days ago and have no Idea how to link it back.

    Can somebody hook it up with some tracks or something. I like to fuck with shit thats in Minor keys by the way.

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    go to demonoid.com, there s a lot of classical there (torrent site)
    or just emule it
    i got stuff but they re pretty big files and the upload is gonna take ages

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    Classical music doesn't really suit being played from mp3. Compression doesn't lend itself well to music with the dynamic range of classical. You're best off buying it.

    Click HERE for free mp3 compilations (inc. rare tracks) from:

    J Dilla, MF Grimm, Mr. Lif, Poetic aka Grym Reaper, Kool G Rap, RA the Rugged Man, Shabazz, Hell Razah, Timbo King, Jus Allah, Warcloud, Breeze Brewin, Kid Capri, Count Bass D, Insight and more...

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    u can dload flac or ape files, most dloadable classical comes in those formats

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