Common has signed on for a role in the upcoming Terminator 4: The Future Begins which began filming yesterday.

The fourth film in the Terminator series is set in the future after the nuclear war and follows John Connor, played by Christian Bale, as he leads the survivors to revolution against the machines and SkyNet who now control the planet. has learned that Common will play Daniel Dyson, one of John's closest friends and son of Miles Dyson who died in Terminator 2 after destroying all of his research when he learned that he was responsible for developing the very technology that would doom humanity.

T4 also stars Moon Bloodgood, Anton Yelchin and Sam Worthington and is being directed by McG (Charlie's Angels).

Common can next be seen in Wanted, which stars Angelina Jolie and lots of guns, and that is all you should need to know to get you there opening night!