sup everyone. - help a wu member out?!

I just entered a DJ competition, its a 10 minute mix competition where you create a 10 minute mix of whatever genre of music with whatever equipment you want. Entries are submitted through youtube and then placed on for judges to vote on.

Because of the high number of entries, judges usually either look at the most discussed or highest rated (that 1-5 star rating thing on youtube). What I'm humbly asking is for you guys to rate my mix. I've been spinning just for a couple of months so it's not like i'm a superstar professional dj for that matter. The ratings system is not the deciding factor of winning the competition, that's up to the judges to decide... the ratings factor is just to get my entry on the first page. I'm just asking the Corp to help get my video seen.

If you guys can, check out my mix:

and pls vote for me!

Here's more info on the contest: