One more time with this pad in this pocket,
where it's been sitting idle like an old shopper's docket,
one more rhyme before I close the door and lock it,
on this place where I chose to compose a store and stock it,
one more crime against the slimy hand that feeds me,
as fate takes the form of a man and stands to lead me,
one more climb up the mountain which impedes me,
and one more pint from the fountain of the greedy,
these cold, hard floors carry prints of indecision,
I looked into the crystal and the mist ruled in the vision,
how'd it get so clouded and shrouded in mystery,
was it lost in the maze between the pages of my history?
as we begin another chapter many people are forgotten,
or assume minor roles not important to the plot 'n,
fall into the shadows and I'm glad those day have passed me,
now I wait to see the role in which fate will choose to cast me,
it blasts me from its barrel, now I travel at a fast speed,
but to parry doubt I feel I must carry out this last deed,
with the mast freed now see how these sails handle the wind,
I saw a faint picture as the paint mixture thinned,
images revealed through a splash of hope and action,
I rounded off the numbers and no longer deal with fractions,
my traction's been improved, now I move with new direction,
I confront my inner demon and prepare him for dissection,
there's a part of him which carries many feelings of uncertainty,
and more than any setback how I feel that this one's hurtin' me,
though I've done the surgery, the sickness still remains,
when the scum emerges deep, forgiveness kills the pain,
so I fill my veins with enough to get me by,
but I still refrain from the stuff that gets me high,
and lets me fly to better times, any weather, wet or dry,
sometimes weíll rise to realize dreams but it seems I let more by,
and Iíve wept for my losses, and the crosses in the boxes,
and Iíve turned a blind eye, forever acting sly like foxes,
now itís one more time as if you bought a new clock,
and one more dime in an out of order jukebox.