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Thread: I tried listening to new age country

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    Default I tried listening to new age country

    Yeah apparently (like most genres) country is supposedly going through its own recession since the early 90s if you think hip-hop is in a bad state. Its like people watch the country music station only to watch the Shania Twain videos. Same shit they play in the supermarket if it isnt the 80s music.

    I listened to an old country music station that plays the classics. Most of us here know Johnny Cash and thats as far as most of us get. But they got their own underground "real" guys....like the real hillbillies. Not too much cow bell in the music though...more spoons though. It's terrible but I guess I have to say it has more soul than the new age stuff.

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    dont feel bad pro...

    we listen to wu tang, we are advanced human beings...

    although the 15%'rs are intrigued by the cow bell because it means dinner time

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    I personally can't stand country, especially the new age stuff, but to each his own. It's one of the few genres of music I don't like.

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