Michael Jackson is a weirdo but i'm always gonna love his music with his brothers and his solo stuff. Jermaine Jackson did a couple of solo albums i like but these Jacksons albums i'm about to name, ya'll should check out.

1. The Jacksons
2. Triumph
3. Destiny
4. Victory
5. 2300 Jackson Street(this album only has Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Randy and they did a good job without Michael and Marlon. Michael only sings on 2300 Jackson Street song.)

I also like some of their Jackson 5 albums like ABC, Maybe Tomorrow, Third Album, Lookin Through The Window, Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5. I love their Jacksons An American Dream movie. I bet ya'll didn't know Terrence Howard was in the movie. He played Jackie Jackson in the movie. Vanessa Williams, Billy Dee Williams, Angela Bassett, Monica Calhoun are also in this. The dude who played Michael near the end of the movie died shortly after the movie because he had leukemia. He looked just like Michael used to look back in the day.