ah'ight, just speaking from keeping my breathing deceasing
what I'm seeing, halfway through 42 moons and the demons
who smoking cush now, got ethiopia fiending
bones of hip-hop, '74, digging the media
13X'D to the BX, see what I'm seeing is
a bunch of BS, blood of christ fuming and steaming
wut know me out of a line-up, 544bc
I seen, wanna' find Esau cleaning the streets
the mark of the beast tattooed on they webs and they cheeks
like manson told 'em, but big brother gon' have to answer to me
man, look, cain can get rocked and zip-locked like 2-for-5s
I'm abel to do shit like this, y'all can scrutinize
who the booth despised, what the truth realized is
a crucifix and a coffin is what I'm a' ride in
shii, philadelphia is niggas who been trying to kill me
thanks for the love, shii, down went the mlk buildings [sigon]...