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33 dead off of a south korean patsy
shit, wait ‘til I catch up to ‘em, how I found them sneaks
to waste ‘em, like ketchup they blood and the ground’s the beef
not safe from either me or the company I keep
closed movie set, 3.5 millimeter’s the heat
I seen bey on 106 & park, yeah, he’s with me
but the apb out on 2.13’s not new to me
luci [twin] told young gunner give this warning to the angels
we tried to hold off the war, but they dough thin on the bagels
I mean, where’s the cream cheese...you’z think we some cream cheese
type a’ niggas...screaming give up the guns? you inviting niggas?
so, I caught up to michael [archangel]...blind as a fuckin’ bat
‘cause the mic been having me [gab’] wanting to grind it to a bat
fuckin’ faggoty-ass, I like women, you maggoty bastid’
I got you sized up again for a raggedy casket
are you even my friend, you rascally has-been
before you know it...shii, ‘cause I’ll mangle a passage
wherever you going, better know I’m on ya’ ass quick...
acid-II-dust wholy drug war ‘til you ask me
what-the-fuck’s going on? you couldn’t hack me, pal
valentine massacre? r.i.p. to my nigga al’?...
like ketchup they blood and grounds the beef...

dough thin on the bagels...

acid II dust wholy drug war til you ask me...

that's serious there.