...when I drive up in a lexis, putting it on girl
like, this is my piece, who welcome in my world
gimme’ that, fit her on me like a fitted hat
lucy gave my dick the condom, go figure that
the fresh select, kinda’ as if what I meant
if I showed her how to get the blood rushing to my
man, look, it’s a cold language, save-a-life central
those who wanna’ be dead meat, say good night, then you
really listen, red shit in a bowl is the name of edom
too late for the game though, I mean it
and it’s the same all-across-the-board how all a’ y’all get floored
above all, she my bottom jaun when she’s on the floor
just taking me in anyway that she can
the ki is tied to me, electricity to my pen
write li’l trinkets to her, get her thinking more often
of me, being where I be [in my head], she can visit more often
the angels listening yet? right now she can call me
the block ain’t got time, babble-on is falling...
...yeah, and them other talent scouts been drawin’
to the point where I can whisper in the air to call ‘em
long distance and shit, look, these youngins in the streets
is auditioning for me and the company I keep...