...the nyc illuminati purchasing the Ď76 on 6.7
the death blow to our independence
whyíd u.s. let Ďem do it, buckle up, say itís what business is
confusing yourselves for business men
shiii, sell Ďem the whole city, fuck Ďem, hollywood shuffle Ďem
but I still want my money for puttiní up with Ďem
wonít sell myself short like all aí u.s.
sign language all around, hellís calling u.s., no pardons to
where Iím at with it, back at galilee 2.15
who was I, born 2.15 in 215...
...1776, bliss is ignorance...
...donít get me, Iím aí weed Ďem out and extinguish Ďem...