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    Default The Older God's Comic Book Thread

    This Is Not A Discussion Thread

    I will be uploading only full series arcs of stuff that I have.......

    now on some of these files you will need this program to view as because at the time I first started doin online comics I did not know of this program and was using winrar to unzip the cbr files now I know better so this is the program that you use to view the cbr files


    Page 1
    Avengers Disassembled(complete)
    Marvel Civil War(complete)
    Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America(5 part series plus the Hardcover edition is included)
    House Of M(complete)
    Endangered Species(complete)
    Messiah Complex(complete)
    Page 2
    Nick Fury's Secret War
    X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong
    X-Men: The End
    Sword Of Azrael
    Vengeance Of Bane
    Knightfall Part I-The Broken Bat
    KnightFall Part II-Who Rules The Night 
    KnightQuest Part I-The Crusade
    KnightQuest Part II-The Search 
    Hard Boiled
    Page 3
    Sin City:
    Violent Marv aka The Hard Goodbye
    A Dame To Kill For
    The Big Fat Kill
    That Yellow Bastard
    Family Values
    Hell and Back (A Sin City Love Story)
    Daddy's Little Girl
    Just Another Saturday Night
    Lost, Lonely & Lethal
    Sex And Violence
    Silent Night
    The Babe Wore Red and Other Stories
    Elektra:Assasin 01-08(complete)
    Page 4
    Love And War
    The Man Without Fear 01-05
    Born Again
    Visionaries:Frank Miller Vol 2
    Wanted Graphic Novel
    Ronin 01-06 uploaded by vahacris                               
    Punisher-The End uploaded by vahacris
    The Hulk-The End uploaded by vahacris 
    Fantastic Four-The End
    Page 5
    Women Of Marvel Posterbook
    Batman:Year One
    The Dark Knight Returns
    The Dark Knight Strikes Again
    Elektra Saga Books 1 and 2
    Elektra Lives Again
    Page 6
    Uncanny X-Men and New Teen Titans in Apokolips...Now
    Blade Vol.2: uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Page 7
    Prelude to Batman R.I.P. (Pt.1-3) uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Swamp Thing (Swamp Thing v2 #20-58, #60-61, #63-64 & Annual #2) uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Halo Graphic Novel
    Animal Man v2. 01-26 uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Simon Dark #9 uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Frank Miller's RoboCop (1-9) uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Sentences-The Life Of MF Grimm
    Superman/Batman-Supergirl(Minuteman Special)
    Doom Patrol v2 19-63uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Page 8
    X-23: Target X
    X-23: Innocence Lost
    Page 9
    Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine 01-06(Complete)
    Ultimate Human 01-04
    Ultimate Iron Man vol 1(complete)
    Official Handbook To The Ultimate Marvel Universe Vol 1-2
    Page 10
    The Falcon(1984 Limited Series 01-04)
    Batman/Superman-Generations Vol 2-3
    Fantastic Four Visionaries Vol 1-5
    Page 11
    Fantastic Four Visionaries Vol 6
    The Hood 01-06(Minutemen-Zone Re Scans)
    Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown 01-04 uploaded by Reiko
    Joker's Asylum #1 - The Joker uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Joker's Asylum #2 - The Penquin uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Joker's Asylum #3 - Poison Ivy uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Joker's Asylum #4 - The Scarecrow uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Joker's Asylum #5 - Two Face uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Simon Dark #10 uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Page 12
    Page 13
    Old Man Logan #66-67 pt 1-2 uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Birds Of Prey:
    Showcase 96 #3 (Mar 1996)
    Birds of Prey: Manhunt #1-4 (Sep-Dec 1996)
    Birds of Prey: Revolution #1 (1997)
    Birds of Prey: Wolves #1 (Oct 1997)
    Birds of Prey: Batgirl #1 (Feb 1998)
    Birds of Prey: The Ravens #1 (Jun 1998)
    Birds of Prey (monthly series, Jan 1999 - ongoing)
    Birds of Prey: Secret Files and Origins 2003 (Aug 2003)
    Page 14
    Space Ghost mini-series
    Black Canary mini-series
    Wonder Girl mini series
    Batman-Officer Down
    Camelot 3000(DCP Archive Edition)
    DC vs. Marvel
    Amalgam(1996 Run)(complete)
    Page 15
    Unlimited Access
    Amalgam(1997 Run)(complete)
     Batman/Hellboy/Starman #1 - Gotham Grey Evil uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
     Batman/Hellboy/Starman #2 - Jungle Green Horror uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Page 16
    Danger Girl Vol 1(complete)
    Danger Girl:Kamikaze
    Danger Girl:Special
    Danger Girl:Hawaiian Punch
    Danger Girl:Viva Las Danger
    Batman / Danger Girl
    Danger Girl:Back in Black
    Danger Girl:Body Shots
    Danger Girl:3-D Special
    Danger Girl:Sketchbook
    Spotlight On J Scott Campbell
    Bomb Queen I (Royal Flush) #1-4
    Bomb Queen II (Queen of Hearts) #1-3
    Bomb Queen III (The Good, The Bad and The Lovely)
    Bomb Queen IV (Suicide Bomber)
    Bomb Queen V  (The Divine Comedy)
    Bomb Queen vs. Blacklight: Cat Fight
    Alpha Flight Classic Vol. 1 TPB
    Page 17
    Avengers-Defenders War TPB
    Rogue TPB
    Weapon X-Origin Of Wolverine TPB
    Wolverine-Nick Fury-The Scorpio Connection
    X-Men-Visionaries Vol 2.
    Old Man Logan pt 2 #67
    Thor-Vikings 01-05
    Page 18
    Huntress Year One
    Thor-The Origin Of Beta Ray Bill(Classic)
    Amazing Fantasy Vol 1-Araña Heart of The Spider Digest
    Amazing Fantasy Vol 2-Poison Tomorrow Digest
    Araña-The Heart of the Spider 01-12(complete)
    Marvel Zombies Vol 1(complete)
    Marvel Zombies Vol 2(complete)
    Marvel Zombies vs. The Army Of Darkness
    Gen 13 volume 1(complete)
    Gen 13 volume 2(complete)
    Gen 13 volume 3(complete)
    Gen 13 volume 4(ongoing)
    Page 19
    Wolverine Origins 1 to 25 with Annual uploaded by Reiko
    Kitty Pryde-Shadow And Flame 01-05
    Wisdom 01-06
    X-4 01-05
    Page 20
    X-Men vs Alpha Flight v1 and v2
    Astonishing X-Men v2 and Apocalypse-The Twelve
    Chicago Morlocks
    X-Men: Eve of destruction
    X-Men: Age of Apocalypse(10th Ann. Limited)
    X-Men Unlimited Vol. 1(complete)
    X-Men Unlimited Vol. 2(complete)
    X-Treme X-Men(complete)
    Godzilla-Dark Horse King of the Monsters Special uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    Ultimate Adventures(complete)
    Ultimate Daredevil - Elektra 01-04
    Ultimate Elektra 01-04
    Ultimate Galactus And Ultimate Vision
    Page 21
    Ultimate Marvel Team-Up(complete)
    Ultimate X-4 
    Ultimate War
    Ultimate Secrets
    Ultimate Six
    Ultimate Power
    The Ultimates v1(complete)
    The Ultimates v2(complete)
    The Ultimates v3(ongoing)
    Simon Dark #11 uploaded by Lucky The Wonder Dog
    X-Men Origins 1-2 uploaded by Reiko
    Cable And Deadpool 01-50(complete) uploaded by Crazy K
    Page 22
    Batman & Huntress -Cry for Blood
    Nightwing & Huntress-Cosa Nostra
    Wonder Woman-Spirit Of Truth
    Batman-War On Crime
    Shazam-The Power Of Hope
    Superman-Peace On Earth
    Camelot 3000(DCP Archive Edition)
    Page 23
    Epic Illustrated 01-34(complete)
    Page 24
    Old Man Logan pt 3 #68
    Marvel Fanfare(1982 classic Marvel graphic novel series)01-60(complete)
    Marvel-Your Universe Saga
    The Order 01-10
    Page 25
    Batman-Haunted Knight
    Batman-The Ultimate Guide
    Marvel Comics Presents 01-12
    Legends uploaded by Worf1965
    Page 26
    The Kingdom uploaded by jasonqwinn28
    1980-1984 The New Teen Titans v1 01-40(complete)
    1982-1983 The New Teen Titans v1 Annuals(complete)
    1984-1985 Tales of the Teen Titans v1 41-59 After New Teen Titans 40(complete)
    1984 Tales of the Teen Titans v1 Annual(complete)
    1982 Tales of the New Teen Titans Mini Series(complete)
    1983-1984 The Judas Contract TPB
    1984-1988 The New Teen Titans v2 01-49(complete)
    The New Teen Titans v2 Annuals 01-04 (1985-1988)(complete)
    The New Titans v2 050-130 (After NTT v2 049)(1988-1996)(complete)
    The New Titans v2 Annual 05-11 (1989-1995)(After New Teen Titans v2 Annual 04)(complete)
    The Titans(1999)01-50+Annual
    JLA/The Titans
    The Titans Secret Files
    Titans & Legion of Super-Heroes-Universe Ablaze
    Page 27
    Titans-Young Justice-Graduation Day
    Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew v1 (complete)
    Captain Carrot And The Final Ark
    The Oz-Wonderland War
    JLA-Earth 2
    JLA-Liberty And Justice
    JLA-Secret Origins
    Justice 01-12
    Batman And The Outsiders v1 01-32 (1983-1985)
    Adventures of the Outsiders v1 033-046
    Batman And The Outsiders v1 Annual 01-02 (1984-1985)
    Maximum Carnageuploaded by KZA
    Secret Wars 1 & 2uploaded by KZA
    Five Of A Kind-Outsiders #50
    Page 28
    Simon Dark 13
    Page 29
    Planet Hulk(complete)
    World War Hulk(complete)
    World War Hulk Aftersmash(1-shot)
    World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound
    Incredible Hulk #112(which is switched over to The Incredible Hercules)-#121(current)
    Hulk 1-6(newest volume)
    Colossus-Bloodline(1-5 complete)
    Xavier's Security Enforcers
    Domino(v1 and v2)
    M-Tech - Warlock
    Page 30
    Joker Hardcover Uploaded By Crazy K
    X-Force v1(complete + annuals)
    X-Force v2(1-6)
    X-Force v3(1-8....current)
    New Mutants v1(1-100 complete)
    New Mutants v2(1-13 complete)
    New Mutants And The X-Men: Home Is Where The Heart Is
    New Mutants Graphic Novel
    Page 31
    X-Men-Legion Quest
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Thor-I Whom The Gods Would Destroy
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher-Blood On The Moors
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer-The Enslavers
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Dreadstar
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Superboxers
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Star Slammers
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Swords Of The Swashbucklers
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers-Emperor Doom
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Cloak And Dagger-Predator And Prey
    Marvel Graphic Novel: The Inhumans
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Excalibur-Weird War III
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers-Death Trap(The Vault)
    Marvel Graphic Novel: The Punisher-Assassin's Guild
    Wolverine #69(Old Man Logan Part 4)
    Page 32
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolverine-Bloodlust
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolverine-Bloody Choices
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer-Homecoming
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer-Judgement Day
    Epic Comics: The Last Galactus Story
    Batman R.I.P.(All Books)
    X-Men: Deadly Genesis(1-6 + What If?)
    X-Men: Rise And Fall Of The Shi'ar Empire(Uncanny X-Men #475-486)
    X-Men: Emperor Vulcan(1-5 + What If?)
    Secret Invasion: The Infiltration
    Secret Invasion
    Wolverine #70(Old Man Logan Part 5)
    Batgirl v1 1-73(complete)
    Batgirl v2 1-6(complete)
    Page 33
    Batgirl-Ghost 1-4(complete)
    Terra 1-4(complete)
    Marvel Apes 0-4(complete)
    Alpha Flight v1(complete)
    Alpha Flight v2(complete)
    Alpha Flight v3(complete)
    Samurai Legend(complete)
    True Believers(complete)
    Inhumans v6(complete)
    Anna Mercury 1-5(Complete)
    Ant Unleashed 1-3(complete)
    Ant v1(complete)
    Ant V2(complete)
    Page 34
    Comic's Greatest World: Arcadia - Ghost
    Ghost Special  1
    Ghost vol. 1    1-9
    Ghost/Shadow 1
    Ghost vol. 1    10-17
    Ghost/Hellboy  1-2
    Ghost vol. 1    18-25
    Ghost vol. 1    26-31
    Ghost vol. 1    32-36
    Ghost Special  2
    Ghost vol. 2    1-12
    Page 35
    Ghost vol. 2    13-22
    Ghost/Batgirl   1-4
    Ghost Special  3
    Ghost Handbook
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