Alright after reading G's poem I think we need a Poetry thread in the Temple

I'll start off with this

ever see birds fly at night?? birds teethered together.. ever see the sky at night?? words turned to vapor outfield player errors and favors major league movements made with in layers.. distractions tailored a 3 piece suits' the Savior?? compound fractures litter the foundation we cater.. gestating raider relations lattitude and longitude activate the station.. missle launch gravity distorting magnetic bursts never rehearsed.. served up asthetics work horses disperse with blinders a pigeons purring chirp sirens sound crackers and cookies the ensueing visions hurt alligator skin with a velvet plush curse an albino absorbing the worse exposing sun suicide residue and rickety rides diping they dive straight shooter not an aimer but a hooter get the subwoofer lavishly subdue ya.. fuck ya'll laws microsoft computers rule ya'll.. diamond bits centered they drill right through ya.. grab the ruler an measure your line physical space magnified through my eyes spiritual fools are hypnotized ..God is in you open ya eyes or be defined to stand on one side and defend and fight blindly as the 4 corners close in on your mind failed strategy and design a tragedy of your crime..