wrote this verse in reverse, lost as I rehearse,
with my lips pursed, knowing only a love so strong 1000 chests burst,
broke a deadly curse, reminisce the caper,
crazy thoughts of you melt onto paper,
ends of the earth is where I'll take ya

this young buck watched you down the street,
soul suffocating, silky heat
damn near fell right off my seat
my jaw was resting on my feet!
first night spent together.
we drowned in passionate pools of pleasure
exceeding measures of mortal men
hit it at a perfect 10
serenade you softly in a state of total zen

ashamed, those times mind games were played,
the hurtful names, allaying blame,
I even lied to myself...
gotta leave pride & ego on the shelf
you & I together the finest wealth

forever I will praise, your displays of sacrificing ways,
while you walked the game I terminally talked
sought to tame my wayward thought
headline on front page news reports,
now that scandalous life's outlined in chalk

truest romance...it pushes on through real life situations,
we wept together as our first childs unborn life was taken,
took the man in me to grasp hold of sanity
alone at night, in the window burns candlelight,
wasnt right, hurt so we'd fight,
I'd plead walk away, sad but true,
trouble ensued, heartless things I'd do when I felt used

time passed, after hard lessons learned, finally the winds turned,
whole time for you my heart yearned,
too concerned about pride or money earned,
countless times my hands were burnt
realise how much I've won, anthem sung,
your strengths live proudly in the eyes of our children.

down mist-covered mountains, water rushes back to sea
profound spirit washing over me
intangible roots link land & family
blessed you in my vicinity,
and this amazing ability to articulate my unflinching loyalty
for knowing, that forever our souls are intertwined in perpetual unity
has set me free...