Blue Thought Process (One Love)

Sunshine on my mind to light to the insight i write to recite this poem to you.
So you may have a clue when you due what to do when they come for you.
The ones with the power searchin for the money to gain the respect of the people who care....about what they ware
about people who care... to whom they pair
about people who care... not to share
thoughts and cloud out your theories.
The beginning of top hat conspiracies.
Stay leary. Hold on to your thoughts
and remember your soul cannot be bought.
Stay true always look back
cause one day you may wanna come back.
Thats a fact youngin and i ain't tryin to tell you. I'm tryin to guide you
to think for you and DO what you should do.
Add it up 2 and 2 get 4
think about who this is really better for.
cause once you walk out that door you may just wanna come back through that door.
Take your time...think alittle more.
Thats WHAT THE FUCK your brain is for.
Don't be caught as a corporate whore.
Cause they will fuck you till your ass is sore.
And then your back at the door except there ain't no "welcome mat" here no more.
Cause what they want they try to force
but youngin as people we gotta stay on course and feed the soure
of our city which is us the people
who gotta rise above the evil
just to stay equal...One love ya'll, One Love