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Thread: The Official Poetry Thread

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    Having only nothing
    All together I reap what I sow
    Losing everything
    Only myself, I allow to grow

    A halo surrounds my thoughts....

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    Let me stawt:

    Are you a re-tawd?

    Never go "he smawt"

    But is she H@WT ??!

    "Don't. EVER, get caught,.."

    ~Peace, Todd.

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    Long time no post …

    New life same game, false witness to the change
    claiming to abstain yet still addicted to the pain
    but I won’t complain …
    cast my weigh on unbalanced scales
    the windows to the soul control the motives of this tale
    they sent Judas to post my bail, a one-way ticket to hell
    silenced so many Lambs my spirit started wail
    injustice prevails …
    soon the darkness consumes the light
    now I’m forced to bear the cross of a self-righteous plight
    with no end in sight, I step off into the abyss
    betrayed by the masked bliss of love’s succulent kiss
    a seductive hiss …
    the trademark of a true serpent
    speaking the forbidden language only heat can interpret
    true likeness revealed with the shedding of outer skin
    unearthed the black heart that was buried within
    the beginning and end …
    forced bondage from the first man
    unbreakable curse to the earth from an extension of Adam’s hand

    goodnight …

    I sew...
    beautiful seeds that sprout flowers that’s deeply rooted
    your weak style-diluted with concepts that’s so polluted
    my words flourish, creating jewels the conscious will cherish ...

    -- Dae Ja Nae


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    rigged cards dealt from the bottom, humanity’s forgotten
    what’s ill-gotten is king, skies white hot as we droppin’
    done this far to long for you to stop ‘em…
    gorge on old carcasses, piles of filth long-gone rotten

    son’s & daughters are killed for our blunders
    as if nobody cares who remains from our number,
    at times I get irate as I wonder…
    how paradise got turned into wastelands while we slumbered
    our most precious of treasures are plundered
    my heart’s cry rips the fabric of heaven asunder
    I strike fiercer than lightning & thunder
    lock our gaze eye to eye as our soul’s are dragged under…

    'Sup Queen. Its been to long ma - As always you're inspiring. Keep the ink flowin'

    One Love

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    I'll try it for a while...
    At least until I die of it.
    Addiction makes me smile.
    It even makes me cry a bit.
    The fiction goes a mile.
    The fact just sits here next to me.
    Decisions in a pile.
    I blindly make them randomly.
    I just revised this line.
    I won't tell what it used to say.
    I keep it 'cause it's mine.
    But take everything else away.
    I call you all the time.
    I wonder if that's juvenile.
    But even if it is,
    The woman loses to the child.
    I find I'm giving in.
    I think that's where you find me too.
    I'm falling for a friend.
    I've tasted this a time or two.
    But this is not again.
    No this is lastly. Not the same.
    A song's stuck in my head.
    The only lyric is your name.
    If you can hear the tune,
    Insert an instrumental break.
    And share with me the moon.
    A moment for the moment's sake.
    I'll share with you the world.
    By share I mean have all of it.
    For I am just a girl.
    And girls are programmed to submit.
    So I love with my all.
    I know not of a lesser love.
    Into this role I fit,
    As if it were a custom glove.
    I'm holding out my hand,
    And asking for another hit.
    It's crazy though 'cause I...
    Remember what the last one did.
    I guess that you can say,
    It gets me 'cause I look for it.
    I open up too far.
    And all I get is hooked for it.
    So call me what I am.
    An addict with a taste for love.
    Indulge me if you will.
    Supply what I am dying of.

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    Vividly Provocative Its Out Of The Heart That's A Sweet Piece

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    I’m Calm As The Raging Sea
    The Raven That Hovers Above But One You Will Never See
    Intriguing Yet Captivating Yet Hollow Yet A Script The 666
    Vicious Tenacious Tender As Blood
    Many Men Have Seen Me
    But None Will Ever Live To Tell The Story
    Is It Because I Hover Up Above
    Or Is It Because I Have One Solem Cause
    A Pratice Ive Woven Over Time
    A Sloath You Wait Throughout The Day To Refer To As Night
    A Ppractice Ive Matstered Over Time
    Who May Claim Better
    Only The Islams Have Come Close
    Globaly Praying As One
    At 3 Six 9 And Twelve
    To Pray For Forgiveness And A Cleansal Of Sins
    My Retrobution
    Ive Never Taken A Soul In Prayer
    Many Claim Innocence Is An Expansion Of Life
    I Beg To Differ
    My Cause Expands From A Death Clause
    When Yo Time Has Come Yo Spirit W Ill Depart As One
    May He Who Has Not Sinned
    Cast The First Stone
    That’s Why Noone Will Ever Pelt M
    From Ye Pope To The Catholic Nuns
    Laughing Irritably To Cause Grivious Mind Sedation
    The Grim Reaper

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    It all began, when I made you cry in my car
    It all began, when I looked at you and you came to me
    It all began, when you laid your head on my shoulder
    I had to learn how to walk with a woman
    I had to learn how to talk to a woman
    I had to learn how to break a woman down to love her (not physically)
    I had to hug you...lady
    I had to look you in eyes...lady
    I had to dedicate myself to you...lady
    What it is baby...
    I'm leg strong
    I'm back strong
    I'm head strong
    You had to feel to see the truth
    Peace To New York

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    Me and my fam livin as pesents
    doesnt matter the coler of your presence
    seems like were the only ones prayin to the heavens
    teachin our children how to pray to an unseen presence
    creating uncontrollable tensions
    if this is wat god truly ment for em
    then i say fuck em
    let me tell u somthin
    were just multi bacteria that learned how to rapidly breed

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeautiFlyB View Post
    I could be angry with you
    But I refuse to
    Half of the blame is mine
    I had to choose you
    But your son never had a choice
    You are his father
    And you've yet to even hear his voice
    Or even bother
    How pathetic will you feel
    When he's successful
    And then you try to make amends
    But he rejects you
    My joy is to see his face
    I dearly love it
    But yours looks the same
    And I think little of it
    The word coward comes to mind
    When I describe you
    In another place and time
    I might despise you
    But the woman I've grown to be
    Pitties you only
    You should be ashamed to know
    Your child is lonely
    Lonely for the thing in his blood
    That won't connect
    Who knew you were capable of
    Such disrespect
    May God have mercy on you
    I'm all out
    I'd rather never hear another
    Word from your mouth
    But your son sure will I bet
    And when he asks me
    I'll fight the urge to tell him you're dead
    Or just relaxing
    I'll say that you're too busy to love
    And that you're working
    Working on integrity, love
    And soul searching
    And when you come around I hope
    You're not late
    Before he catches on I hope
    You get it straight
    You can hide a little while longer
    It's still night
    But remember that what's done in the dark
    WIll come to light
    Quote Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
    That's a nice poem i felt it sister peace!
    you really struck a nerve with this one, i'm raising my daughter alone, so i feel your pain!
    smooth one BB....im not a single mom but i feel what your sayin

    ain't nothing change but the address...

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    Shes your queen to be..

    A queen to be forever
    A queen wholl do whatever
    His highness desires
    Shes your queen to be
    A vision of perfection
    An object of affection
    To quench your royal fire
    Completely free from infection
    To be used at your discretion
    Waiting only for your direction
    Your queen
    To be!!

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    I ain't got a lot of female emcees to look up to
    What's a girl to do?
    Nowadays, most go to jail
    Coming out of jail
    If they do rhyme, it's written by a male
    They left the rap world to raise babies
    While the men ran the industry "crazy"

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    So much on my mind i just can't recline.
    Mos Def wrote these words while rhymin about sunshine.
    The most passionate always fall but most do not rise.
    A pinch of evil is needed to open the eyes.
    C in the dark no flame but a spark.
    Which starts it all, a dead flame stirs over just one phone call.
    I look up towards the heavens.
    They ask how many knives thru my heart, i reply seven.
    Seven months plus seven weeks plus seven days.
    After church on a sunday i saw and smelled the purple haze.
    Stood at the doorway of my room and said this is where her spirit lays.
    The last place where the spark was seen.
    When it left it became a flame who glowed forever green.
    Seen in a distance noticed in an instant.
    Swiped so many times but still i missed it.
    Burn so bright in the night even wit my eye closed i can still see.
    Fell back lied in my bed and felt her spirit fade.
    When i thought it was here i am standin in its shade.

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    I aint that good at this, but I felt for some reason I had to.
    Some Nights

    Some nights my mind thinks too much
    Even when i try to get my thoughts in a tight clutch
    It hurts when I remember about the past
    fighting, hoping that the pain won't last
    but still some memories I like to recollect
    THESE nights are when i wish we never met
    I chill playin blues tryin to forget
    see, you don't understand my confusion in these nights
    it's like trying to write in the night without lights
    i always hope for improvement as the night goes on
    even though the next day i know i'll be singin the same song
    it feel like it won't come to an end
    i then seek for some joy, try to talk to a friend
    but i end up talkin about the memories in some manner
    if only i could mellow down in a better manner
    the truth is, it'll always be like this, it seems
    so these nights i have to think untill i start to dream

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    niggas be killin me softly
    on the wu corp dojo 1's and 2's
    with there im a stone cold killa
    you donts and i do's
    i wanna break 150 anti m.c.s
    who blind sided like big mike oher
    slammin their anti grammer
    with the big john henry hammer
    take the little engine that could
    fill em with 150 rounds from ak 1947
    beef im eatin good in the neighbor hood
    of my john coltrane tracks
    while you punk gay niggas pinnochio
    shits goin woods yeah i murder with the baseball
    and 4 got to use the word but the motive was understood
    Right outside.

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