Simon Dark seems to have been created from a number of dead bodies and, as such, has no memory of his past. He exhibits some super-human abilities such as enhanced speed and agility, as well as extraordinary strength. He also states that he remembers everything he reads, which implies he may have a photographic memory. In the first issue, he claims he doesn't know where he came from nor how he came to inhabit Gotham City, but remembers he was smaller then and has grown since; however, his "straps have not". In the second issue more details of who he is are revealed, he is very young and the forensic says he must be around eighteen years old. He seems to be the interest of some kind of secret order, and at the end of the issue, one of its members appears to have a similar "straps" one in his hand which he hides under his cloak.

And now I have a request... Maybe someone has a scans of this comic? I only have first two parts.