Why isn't the newspage on the frontsite ever updated???? This site used to be really dope, before the crash, but chambermusik is MUCH better now (No hate!). We get exclusive news, exclusive mp3's and exclusive interviews over there. What is this site providing? Nothing much to be honest. Im not here to hate, im here to find out what has happend to my formerly favorite site on the net, because to be fair it really blows as of now! I know Jordi quit, but how hard is it to update the site? You are supposed to be provided news straight from rza and cilvaringz, right?

Im just saying getting the news from an unofficial fansite that the clan are recording a new album as we speak, are not a good look for an "official" fansite, ya feel me? Maybe there's happend something I dont know about, but it's just really disappointing.
The forum is still great, so i still check it out. But this site used to be my starting site in explorer, but now I hardly check it every other day...pretty damn sad.