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Anyway, tell us your franchise or superstar story. ANd you thoughts on the new game.

Im doing the new superstar mode. My player is a QB. He was drafted in Round 2 by the Redskins and not the Jets. I went thru one season already with a record of 10-6. Lost in the divisional playoffs. I did win Rookie of the year tho! Im not really feelin this new mode. Im thinkin of finishing up my second year and going back to the good ol franchise mode. When you audition for a movie, its really lame. All you do is they show you three pages of the script, or 4 pages, and you have to remember the lines. And you only have 4-5 options with your agent. Complain for more play time, complain about coaches, guerentee a win/playoffs, announce retirement.

The new precision passing is dope. I love being able to lead the receiver in a pass. Ive read about peeps complaining over the difficulty in passing and its just bs. If you know what your doing, you wont get sacked, and if you know what your doing, the precision passing can work greatly in your favor.And the truck stick is nice too. Being able to plow thrru the D with your RB.