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Thread: The Wu-Tang Corp Top 101

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    I'll do "The Table" Mr. Rock...I'll PM it to you tomorrow.

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    4 more up, thanks to Tauro for Protect ya Neck 2 and GFX for bells of war

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    damn Daytona 500 only at #71??

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    Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 10 Top 101, #102 Honorable Mentions
    Wu-Tang Forever 11 Top 101, 5 Honorable Mentions
    Only Built for Cuban Linx 10 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    Liquid Swords 10 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    Ironman 8 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    Supreme Clientele, 7 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    Return to the 36 Chambers 6 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    Tical 6 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    Bobby Digital in Stereo 4 Top 101, 4 Honorable Mentions
    The W 4 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    No Said Date 3 Top 101, 4 Honorable Mentions
    Iron Flag 3 Top 101, 4 Honorable Mentions
    Tical 2000 2 Top 101, 5 Honorable Mentions
    Beneath the Surface 2 Top 101, 5 Honorable Mentions
    Birth of a Prince 2 Top 101, 3 Honorable Mentions
    Made in Brooklyn 2 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    Nigga Please 2 Top 101
    8 Diagrams 1 Top 101, 7 Honorable Mentions
    Fishscale 1 Top 101, 5 Honorable Mentions
    4:21 The Day After 1 Top 101, 4 Honorable Mentions
    Digital Bullet 1 Top 101, 4 Honorable Mentions
    Immobilarity 1 Top 101, 2 Honorable Mentions
    Tical 0 1 Top 101, 1 Honorable Mention
    Pretty Tony Album 1 Top 101, 1 Honorable Mention
    Legend of a Liquid Sword 1 Top 101, 1 Honorable Mention
    The Swarm 1 Top 101, 1 Honorable Mention
    Bulletproof Wallets 5 Honorable Mentions
    Grandmasters 5 Honorable Mentions
    Soundtracks 5 Honorable mentions
    Golden Arms Redemption 4 Honorable Mentions
    Resident Patient 2 Honorable Mentions
    More Fish 2 Honorable Mentions
    Uncontrolled Substance 1 Honorable Mention
    Big Doe Rehab 1 Honorable Mention
    Mr. Xcitement 1 Honorable Mention

    The Movement 0
    The Lex Diamond Story 0

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyIronman View Post
    damn Daytona 500 only at #71??
    I feel like Ghostface and Inspectah Deck got the shaft from the Corp in this, Rec Room must be top 101, and only 1 song from Fishscale?

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    I think you're doing a nice job BR. What's motivating you to go through something like this? After such a disappointing 2007 and what is inevitably going to be a very disappointing 2008 for any real fan of Wu-Tang, I'm deprived of any desire to argue about the mediocre, un-inspired offerings from the clan in recent years.

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    Is Deck's Vendetta on the list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizzah View Post
    Is Deck's Vendetta on the list?
    No and I'm fucking crushed, Deck got hosed man, Vendetta is in my own personal top 10, heres my review...

    Virtually ignored in all reviews critical and fan based alike, this powerful song chronicles deck's struggles with his own label and the music industry in general. The beat hits you immediately with a chorus that demands attention. When I hear the beat I picture a defeated but not beaten Deck riding back into town ala Clint Eastwood's man without a name. It sort of feels like a blend of the Wu-Tang style with spaghetti western. What follows lyrically is an empassioned warning to fans and haters alike, Deck ain't goin nowhere, you can't keep him down, don't even try. The 3 different hooks are a huge highlight to this song, hell it's hard enough to write one good hook, but 3??
    The first is really interesting as he parodies the Star Spangled Banner inserting himself into the role of "the flag" which survived Fort McHenry despite heavy bombing during the War of 1812. I also think there is an interesting juxtaposition of himself "the rebel" trying to belong to this union of music but is unwanted, while the rebels during the civil war 40 years later were trying to not belong to the union. The second hook is like a recruitment to all the emcees who were slighted by the industry. Look they can't move units anymore lets join forces and do it ourselves. The third and final hook essentially outlines what Deck's "movement" was all about, he wants the underground artists such as himself slighted by the industry to mass up and destroy those newcomers who are just in the game for a buck, with no love for the game at all. All around a fantastic song both lyrically and beatwise, incredibly important in the Wu catalog for the artists in the clan who were virtually ignored and spit on by A+Rs, Labels, and a dumb deaf and blind industry whose only concern is the almighty dollar and not the art. This is all heart.

    fav lines-"Ya'll done fucked up, lettin' me live, something's got to give
    I'm positive, you're gonna all pay homage"

    "You hear the rockets red glare? The bombs burstin' in air?
    Gave proof through the night, that I stood through the fight
    Yeah, the Rebel's still here, what?"

    "Ya'll better rock ya'll hoodies
    And hold your girl tight, before we pop that pussy
    It be so real, I don't need no deal
    My mass appeal make a marvel out how he so ill"

    "Roll with the live dozen, got all eyes buzzin'
    With strong rhymes cousin, been a long time comin'"

    "To all my real M.C.'s, the ones without a deal M.C.'s
    The ones who kick the real life music
    Let's link, them niggas can't move no more units"

    "For life I'll be underground, their first thought
    Was yo, "How did he survive with no commercial support?"
    Damn right, I miss the corporate politics and tricks
    Where the SoundScan is rigged and contracts are fixed
    I sit in the pit where the grime exist
    Legendary, they still lovin' my rhymes from 9-6
    Now I'm back, that's my word as I reveal this shit
    By choice or by force, ya'll gonna feel this shit, ya hear?"

    "Yo, this is all out war, I'm callin' on all outlaws
    Son, they new to the art, ain't true to the heart
    Who's down for the cause, huh?"

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    Ghost gets hosed again, fish is way underrated

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    Damn... That was unexpected. Vendetta is at least top 20, not to mention 101...and Fish #69...it's at least somwhere around 20 in my book. I wonder what's the #1.

    Nice review on Vendetta,props.

    Just tell me Mighty Healthy is on the list...please tell me that.

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    Thank you. Now my resp. rate is pretty better than 15 minutes ago.

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    is snakes in the list? can't wait to see what's next

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