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Thread: VOTES NEEDED-Shizzah vs Eradicate

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    Default VOTES NEEDED-Shizzah vs Eradicate

    This is how it goes...1 round,32 lines. No family-based insults... I'm dropping the first:

    Better read well when I write my tomes
    In one of the paragraphs,I'ma break your bones
    Coming with this battle sharp as a knife
    I'm not a dick,but I will fuck up your life
    You can drop a bomb,but I can't dismantle
    With my hands numb,there is nothing I can't handle
    Leave your limbs to dangle in a 90 degree angle
    Pick up your pen,drop your rhymes
    Watch me destroy you with one line
    Decline, rewind see what's fucked with your mind
    I hope your fun lasted,my rhyme mastered
    I know you're not a gun,but you're blasted
    You're destroyed by the wounds I dealt you
    After I finish with you, God won't help you
    With simple paragraphs I melt you
    Watch as I do voodoo,and kill you slow
    I stick my dick in a river to fuck your flow
    You just developed a style and tried to hone it
    Watch it as I erase it in a single moment
    This is legendary status here near ya ear
    You have a grim reaper in your avy,yet you die of fear
    Lets get this clear,I'm on top,and you're nowhere near
    This battle is over, and you're the past
    Better take your nikey's,cuz you gotta run fast
    If your rhymes are sick, go see a diagnostician
    Find out whats wrong,and take a close listen
    You can be up on a space mission
    And still higher I have risen
    They call me Confucius cuz I drop wisdom
    Keep your distance,and you could end up livin
    Take the chance you have been given
    Give up, surrender and live to see another day
    Listen what I say,there is no other way
    By this moment your bones are probably decayed
    People won't wonder how I beat Eradicate
    People will say how my rap was great
    So I understand you're in enormous pain
    But leave like dirt when I let you down the drain

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    ok i've seen this.. just now getting the time to do something, lemme get at this now..

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    why you came at me, was wrong, damn-it-dawg,
    when I'm done with you, you wont stand corrected, you wont STAND-at-all(nope)
    I got a huge gun, and a couple-of-G's,
    you aint stabbin' noone, only thing you've ever cut-was-the-cheese
    gay, but scared to admit it, before any of us,
    Shi been in the closet so long, he knew the Boogieman existed before ANY of us
    not made-for-this-place, a shameful-disgrace,
    so ugly, karma'll comeback to bite him in the ass - and aim-for-his-face
    and your verse, I would of named it "suck and choke",
    you should of 'ended your post with HAHAHA', 'cuz it was a fuckin' joke
    I'm gunnin' for the clown,
    Shi only ROFL when him and Rakim are cuddlin' on the ground.
    you on my dick, sit down, damn
    put one middle finger in the air, grab my crotch and crush shizzah with ONE hand

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    ya thats all im gonna do now.. go ahead and vote

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    Flow - Shizz...
    Punches - Shizz....
    Vocabs - Shizz...
    Creativity - Shizz....

    Well, shizz came up with 32 barz, and it seems he formed his verse, punches very good. Eradicte, I have read few of your battles here, and saw u r very good lyricist, so those 14 barz r just too far from ur level, and I can see clearly that u wrte them in like 10 mins, so shizz took this one!


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    Flow ~ Sizzah
    Punches ~ Eradicate
    Vocabulary ~ Shizzah
    Creativity ~ Shizzah

    Eradicate..."ROFL" is not a good look in my opinion in a battle.
    But I did like the punchlines...in the closet was pretty dope.
    But Shizzah came with a steady and colossal ryhme...

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    Votes people

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    Come on people, we need votes god damn it.

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    tie, but i give the slight edge to Shizz, because he seemed more focus and to the throat....good shit on both sides though.....good battle, ill close thread tomoro

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    cool.. i think i want to battle you again??

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    Me or Dusk?

    I'm down, open thread when you want to do it.

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    you.. let me redeem myself??

    what you say, ill go first this time..?

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    Of course... open up and write it

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