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Thread: Streets & Turn - Missing In Action Mixtape

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    Default Streets & Turn - Missing In Action Mixtape

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited return of LS & TTP !!!!

    We finally got the tape finished in between our own projects and busy schedules, hence the name, missing in action. 10 tracks of that uncut raw.

    Special Thanks to Mic Buckkets and the Family.

    1. Rufus Intro
    2. Best Rappers Breathing
    3. 5 On It 08' ft. RossRock
    4. Feels So Good (Produced By Yessur)
    5. Collect My Thoughts (Produced By Mic Buckkets)
    6. Rufus Skit
    7. Very Major ft. RossRock, GodKE (Produced by Yessur)
    8. Laughin Atcha' (Produced by Mister KA)
    9. Hang Out The Window (Produced by DubsAttic)
    10.Reign (Produced by TunnelBeats)
    11. It's So Hot Part 2 (Produced by Yessur)
    12. Throw Emcees in the Ditch

    You can check some of the tracks out over at www.myspace.com/streetsandturn

    DIGITAL COPY- 2$ PAYPAL 2$ TO ITS_LS_BOI@YAHOO.COM and you will receive your link.

    HARD COPY- 5$ (Includes S&H as well as immediate link to digital copy) PAYPAL 5$ TO ITS_LS_BOI@YAHOO.COM AND DONT FORGET YOUR MAILING ADDRESS.
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