i don't except links as things you know, hence me saying "im not gonna read that" when someone presents someone else article as knawledge.

i also don't see tripod sites and theblackgodess as credible sources on biological make up as it is probably another negro self esteem sheild from the true living world.

so i'll wait for your answers on the first few questions

back to the melanin thing.

The amount of melanin in a persons cellz according to your information, is a measurment of humanistic values.

i present case study #1

Joseph Kony

if you don't know, Joseph Kony is leader of the LRA in northern Uganda. The LRA is responsible for the abduction of Acholi children and drugging, raping and torturing them into joining his army.

Often kids and kidnapped, and to dehumanize them they are force to rape family members or kill them.

or both.

or they are made to train with each other, and rape and kill eachother to death with the survivors being good enough for his army.

he also keeps a large horde of pre pubescent sex slave girls

He leads a massive army of child Soljahboys dehumanized into murdering eachother.

this is in 2008. There's onwhere on the European continent + North america + australia where you can find an incident of a white, less humane by nature, person doing such a thing, or something equally inhumane in 2008.

now, if your theory on melanin's function as the indicator of humanist thought(a european concept), is correct then in all testable incidences, a person with melanin cannot be found acting more savage then a person without

just like in all testable incidences a stick of equal size made of plastic will always break before a stick of equal size made of titanium, or a rock of diamond will never break before a rock of granite if the same pressure is applied.