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Thread: Shizzah's Mental Asylum

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    Default Shizzah's Mental Asylum

    Step through the rusted gate into the asylum
    The most trusted fate is filled with masala
    The mental pulses barely exist
    Crooked eyes barely see through the mist
    Thousands of geinuses cutting their wrists
    All for fall,fallen ideas in an endless list
    Walls with cracks and tracks of blood
    What is water? We wash our hands with mud
    Death casualties happen here hour-based
    And the medicine is always 10 hours late
    People shaking, can't hold a spoon so they starve
    I survived there,now I'm coming back like Favre
    When I escaped, ice was falling from the sky
    The rows of people outside waiting to apply
    The doctors claim to know,but they want you to die
    Their treatment cold as snow,injecting fear in your eye
    No windows on the walls,absolutely no light
    Can't take it anymore, so I say 'I leave tonight'
    If anyone is in my way, I CHOKE THEM DEAD

    Everyone from the staff has ran off and fled
    Security chained me to the bed,and gave me some med
    I spit it in his face and take his knife
    3 seconds later,I TAKE HIS FUCKING LIFE

    'There's a ticking bomb out there,that can't be defused'
    My killing spree continues to this very day
    In my play, there is no apex of sun's way...
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    Default Apex of Sun's Way

    The blue solar hovering above my head
    I should run away,yet I stalk instead
    Belgrade,2029, a stranded back-alley
    Junk in the back,from the political rally
    I walk outside to gaze at the blue solar
    I'm 26 years old,but I feel older
    Hunch in my back, and a munch in my lap
    A dead bird, and a sick rat,how's that?
    I'm not sick,yet I fell my heart-rate line is flat
    I don't give a crap, I take from the floor a dirty old hat
    Now I really look like Jack the Ripper
    I find a raped girl in the alley, and I strip her
    Burn her body and eat the meat for dinner
    I visit the graveyard in search for my mothers tomb
    It's been a while since I came out of her womb
    The tombstone is dusty,and the metal letters are rusty
    I take a handful of leaves and start dusting
    I see her name pale 'R.I.P. Sonja' (pronounced Sonia)
    So I kiss the grave and go wandering around the boneyard
    I take a a couple of bones and build an instrument
    Form compositions that are intricate
    Hence,the elements are tense,and the lens
    Is crooked,and everything is blue
    There's only a couple of days till my life is through
    So I gaze upwards,upon the light of the day
    I gaze upwards,upon the Apex of Sun's Way

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    Default The Notebook of Sherlock Holmes

    As I grab the syringe from my drawer
    Sit back in the armchair,cocaine galore
    What more can a man ask for
    As I hear the opening of the back door
    I toss the syringe down on the floor
    Dr Watson says this like the 100 times before
    'Cocaine again, Holmes?'
    'Oh hush it Watson it's for my bones'
    We go back to work after a few exchanged glares
    I go to sleep and go back to my nightmares
    I was walking down the crime scene,high
    Someone paying the king a coin to turn a blind eye
    I was confused, I saw vinegar flies
    They were hovering over the lifeless body
    Which means that the victim was a cook
    The stabs were in the rib,which means the killer was a crook
    Unprofessional killing means his hand was shook
    A petty thief, who could it be?
    Could it be anyone of the Phoenix Tree?
    A group of bastards and lowlifes
    Leaving nobles with no life,no wife
    No money, take their jewelry
    Suddenly everything started shaking and was getting blurry
    Watson was waking me, I must have been dreaming
    That was some case, it would make a fine reading
    Another addition in the fine psalmbook
    In Sherlock Holmes' Notebeook

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    I'm really diggin how you do the pic then rap about it.
    Great execution.
    weep for lost babylon,
    the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
    bordered by a sea of faults,
    fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
    screaming shots, police and chalk,
    wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...


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    Quote Originally Posted by .5KutSkeleton View Post
    I'm really diggin how you do the pic then rap about it.
    Great execution.
    Thanks god. Expect more tonight. I have some blurry ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizzah View Post

    As I grab the syringe from my drawer
    Sit back in the armchair,cocaine galore
    What more can a man ask for
    As I hear the opening of the back door
    I toss the syringe down on the floor
    Dr Watson says this like the 100 times before
    'Cocaine again, Holmes?'
    'Oh hush it Watson it's for my bones'

    Thats dopeness !!!!!!!!!

    Keep it up bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whers View Post

    Thats dopeness !!!!!!!!!

    Keep it up bro.
    Thanks bro. I was actually reading to the book a couple of hours before I wrote that. There was a part when Holmes and Watson discussed his addiction, that was hilarious, so I just felt like writing something about it.

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    Shizz, I do not got word to describe how fucked that shyt is...
    keep droppin it bro.......

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    Default Confession To The Devil

    Tomes of destruction, my agenda for today
    Graveyard pillaging, and digging your grave
    Ancient villaging, bringing you pain
    Torture techniques,developed as we speak
    Pierce a tiny hole in you,so blood could leak
    You can't run, I chained your hands and feet
    Now you just watch your blood drip and drip
    Drop by drop,losing your blood
    Now it's a blood pool,it will be a flood
    After you die I feed you to the lions
    Hang your head on a belt like Orion's
    Second victim, another tome
    Crucify you and nail your every bone
    Sow your lips together,and make you scream
    Sow your eyelids open,and point you a laser beam
    To the eyes,you can't cry,you just hope to die
    No boy,this is torture,and it is far from over
    Graveyard burning,corpses tossing and turning
    The Devil came to tell me the I have sinned
    I go to the demons and that's what I did
    Confessed,to the very end,left the devil mentally pinned
    And who in the world said he was red-skinned?
    He's green,or maybe it's just my horrors he has seen
    They knew I was twisted,ever since I was seamen
    Now I'm in hell, scaring shit out of demons
    I took torture to a whole nother level
    Now they have me apologizing to the devil

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    Default War

    Sound of machine-guns piercing the eardrum
    The fears pump, tears numb, writing a letter 'Dear mum'
    'It's hell here, and it doesn't seem like the end's near,
    The grenadiers cheeer,but I think we will all disappear
    Mom, if I don't come back home,make sure sis knows
    That I love her, and that in my life ain't nothing above her
    It's hell out here, above our heads aircraft always hovers
    I got hit in the leg today,so I'm in a field hospital'
    Soldiers with moral is this shit possible
    The motto was 'Be a man' and many died trying
    The pilots are high flying, but only for a short time
    Because they get knocked down, and die
    Countless corpses flooding the battlefield
    It was a graveyard from the beginning
    Since the first shot was fired, their whole world was spinning
    Post-apocalyptic war,never seen before
    What does it have in store for the horde
    Everything's black and white like a chess board
    The plutonium flashing poisoning the threshold
    The smoke so deep,they can't see their feet
    They didn't sleep for two weeks
    Their colorless eyes,and their dirty cheeks
    The battlefield reeks of defeat
    Grenades flying innocent people dying
    All for what cause? Moral lying
    They trick us to think that we ain't people,we ain't men
    Fuck manhood,I won't see home again
    It motivates the pen,to write again and again
    It is hell,from beginning to end
    We can't let go, the head said so
    It's repetetive like techno
    Shoot,duck,shoot,duck,hope for a glimmer of luck
    In this mobile graveyard we're stuck
    And everything is chaotic as fuck
    Every day a new nuclear threat
    The rain's no longer wet,and the water is land
    Stones tuned to sand, isn't it grand
    Corpses flooding the floor, broke down doors
    And you're telling me you're ready for war?

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    Default Three Stories (Pay Homage)

    A young rapper wanting to make his name known
    Spittin knowledge on the corner everybody's mind blown
    Teaching his own about their home
    A gift is bestown upon young MC Loan
    Until he began doing that thing in the vein
    The pain is to hard to explain, he contained
    The brain of the top MC in the game
    But fucked up over some H and cocaine
    His name was quickly gone in vain
    His mind is slow, in the pits of hell he's thrown
    So in hell he roams, trying to come clean
    And every time he reaches out for that syringe
    His whole life goes back under the bridge

    A young X dealer by the name of Chill
    No money to eat so he earned his by pill
    Everybody knew his hustle and he kept it real
    No fancy jewelry nor fancy fast cars
    "That shit would only get me behind bars
    Cops always on the ones with cash
    I wanna be the one who has the last laugh"
    He would beat up those who were late with payment
    His home was the hot dry pavement
    He made every single arrangement
    Chill had connections all around the city
    When he's on the job,he's Mr. Incogniti
    Life was pretty everything was flare
    He had his best homies that were always there
    Smoking L by his side,watching his back
    Until one day a bitch-ass named Quack
    Everybody knew he was a rat on crack
    So one day he snitches Chill to the local cop Ted
    Ted brings the feds,they loot his meds
    And pop few in his head... his fate has been read
    Funny how in the dope game you always wind up dead
    Whether you're a junkie or a dealer
    It has always been known that drugs is a killer

    An officer in the precinct, Sgt Miller
    Out on a manhunt after some cop killers
    8 nasty dudes rolling independently
    His job just wasn't meant to be
    A pen to me represents making of history
    A gun to them represented this glory
    Killing innocent officers who wanna do some good
    Don't talk about it in the hood cause that would be rude
    The sarge caught one dude in the nude with his bitch
    Beat him up all night, it was a solo-lynch
    The second one was on the corner dealing the weed
    Beat him up all night, got all the answers he need
    Put this one in jail, Sarge was derailed
    Three of them were running and failed
    Three remaining heard the news and bailed
    Sgt Miller's purpose still wasn't fulfilled
    The number of cop killers still isn't nilled
    He went after them,across the whole country
    The three found him,not the other way around
    Three shots to the heart, Officer Down....
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    Comments people... I need to know what you think.

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    Damn great....
    Sick lyrics...
    I would be pleased to hear some1 spit them over some sick beats....
    Keep droppin them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makaveli662 View Post
    Damn great....
    Sick lyrics...
    I would be pleased to hear some1 spit them over some sick beats....
    Keep droppin them...
    Who knows, maybe I do in the future...
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    Default Graveyard Chronicles

    The moon casting light upon the grand tombstones
    Shedding light at old rotten bones
    Muddy terrain, grass bloddy deadly,how can I be ready?
    I brought an axe like the Indians so I could walk steady
    Keep an eye out if anyones out here to rend me
    Pillaged grave wherever I cast my eyes
    I try to stay disguised, searching to the answer of the lies
    Stumble upon something, probably a sarcophagus
    Around me dirty old cottages, destiny's pottages
    I cause ratchet by swinging the hatchet
    And so I ransacked the casket, it lasted
    For a thousand years, I blasphemed
    Skeletons pointing at me 'Bastard!'
    I lifted their R.I.P. now they rest inside me
    The curse of a thousand years that cannot be lifted
    I seek victims and I have them listed
    I fall down inside a hole in the ground
    Like Warcloud, I bring holes to the cloud
    Beams of darkness falling from the lifeless sky
    Dream of righteous is an illusion and a lie
    Upon the land where spirits have lease
    You want peace, you end up deceased
    The spirit corruption massively increased
    We are the sum of our fears
    All these years, the ending was near
    BAM! Fall down in to an open coffin
    Break the deadmans bones, and carry him on my load
    My visions blown, the lightning sparks blood
    Wash my sinful hands with mud
    There is no such thing as fate, nor as hope
    The destiny's mechanisms shocking as a jolt
    The bloody lightning bolt hit me in the heart
    Now I rest in the coffin, dead as meant
    While my corpse lives on in corrupted scent

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