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Thread: Shizzah's Mental Asylum

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    Damn you got a talent my fav' The Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, Graveyard Chronicles and Confession To The Devil. Betta grab the mic son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizzah View Post

    Sound of machine-guns piercing the eardrum
    The fears pump, tears numb, writing a letter 'Dear mum'
    'It's hell here, and it doesn't seem like the end's near,
    The grenadiers cheeer,but I think we will all disappear
    Mom, if I don't come back home,make sure sis knows
    That I love her, and that in my life ain't nothing above her
    It's hell out here, above our heads aircraft always hover

    I got hit in the leg today,so I'm in a field hospital'
    Soldiers with moral is this shit possible
    The motto was 'Be a man' and many died trying
    The pilots are high flying, but only for a short time
    Because they get knocked down, and die
    Countless corpses flooding the battlefield
    It was a graveyard from the beginning
    Since the first shot was fired, their whole world was spinning
    Post-apocalyptic war,never seen before
    What does it have in store for the horde
    Everything's black and white like a chess board
    The plutonium flashing poisoning the threshold
    The smoke so deep,they can't see their feet
    They didn't sleep for two weeks
    Their colorless eyes,and their dirty cheeks
    The battlefield reeks of defeat
    Grenades flying innocent people dying
    All for what cause? Moral lying
    They trick us to think that we ain't people,we ain't men
    Fuck manhood,I won't see home again
    It motivates the pen,to write again and again
    It is hell,from beginning to end
    We can't let go, the head said so
    It's repetetive like techno
    Shoot,duck,shoot,duck,hope for a glimmer of luck
    In this mobile graveyard we're stuck
    And everything is chaotic as fuck
    Every day a new nuclear threat
    The rain's no longer wet,and the water is land
    Stones tuned to sand, isn't it grand
    Corpses flooding the floor, broke down doors
    And you're telling me you're ready for war?
    This is very good...It reminds me of Uncommon Valor:A Vietnam Story.
    Especially Vinnie's verse...writing home ect...
    Dope stuff indeed.

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    Thanks my man, I actually had that track on my mind when I was writing it. But I was mostly fascinated by the picture, it was just too dope not to put something together underneath it.

    I'm sorta flunked now, out of ideas. It will probably be a day or two before my next one.

    "I'm reacquiring my abilities"

    Severed Hunter In a Zig-Zag After Gabriel


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    go and take a rest we'll wait

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    Default Short Freestyle (Colorless)

    When my story's telling I rise like yeast
    I'm Heavy on the Mental like Killah Priest
    The beast, who wants you deceased
    The least, interested in your deals with police
    Twisted images that would scare the monster in the closet
    Deposit, a relentless image of senseless
    My heartbeat says murder, and I'm not a double-G
    Trouble me, you're gonna end up in an obituary
    Remember the name,shit just ain't the same
    It was a movement now it's a game

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    Default Noise of Silence (Insomnia Prequel)

    Sitting in the centre of my four-corner room
    Got my knees bended, sitting in gloom
    Hatches in my head, swinging for doom
    As I sit completely numbed, my lungs
    Were gunned from the melody I hummed
    I could listen to the air beating on my window
    Can't afford this anymore, not even Pinto
    My soul is long dead, can't R.I.P.
    It's haunt only keeps blinding me
    No sound in the area,yet my ears are in histeria
    No light reaching my eyes, yet I see the future
    I spit in the face of death, and the feeling is mutual
    Swung the scythe up,down-slashed it after
    Last sounds I hear are hideous laughter
    I see the image, and I don't even blink
    Next image were some demons giving me a wink
    Knights of the Vampiric Order causing disorder
    Their swords reeked of terrible odor
    Flaming teeth, unbearably colder
    Then the south polar, cap, I can't adapt
    Still in my room, thinking this crap
    I need to snap, all I need is a slap
    Can't get out of it's got me in its palms
    Until I heard a scream of a thousand bombs
    It was heard from here, to Dar Es Salaam
    My ears were terrorized like it's Saddam
    Then everything was silent, and all I heard was breath
    Getting out of bed, my whole body was wet
    From sweat, and my mind was swept
    I had traumas from pijamas
    From only one dream, with horrors not seen on the screen
    Since then I haven't closed my eyes, not even to blink
    My whole life was standing on an unstable brink

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    This thread is ice cream cake son!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
    This thread is ice cream cake son!
    Thanks man, appreciate it. Expect more tonight.

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    Nice work Shizzah

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    I actually went through half of these... very impresive fam. Do ever get on the mic??

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    Thanks, I actually never held a mic, and doubt I will in here. Nobody wants to hear this type of lyrics in Serbia. I tried writing something more population-friendly, but... nothing.

    Thanks for the feedback,peace to both.

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    ^^ I wanna hear them...........

    Keep droppin them shizz......
    Thery r dope as hell.............


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    Default The Fallen (Tyrael)

    Sacred wings went from divine to obscene
    Went from restoration spells to morphine
    His once wise words now are profane
    He owned three seas, like he was propane
    Now he owns a swamp, dirty and muddy
    He was an angel, fallen because his hands were bloody
    He put people in danger, and now he's off and running
    His blood tainted, with black corruption
    His wings painted, with gray abduction
    Once sainted, now hunted across the universe
    He dispersed, to millions of words and murders
    People kill in his name, people live in his name
    He controls the pawns like it's a chess game
    No shame, his terrible reign over the shadows untamed
    A millenia of realm wars, Heaven vs Tyrael
    Repertoire of hell's storms, Earth ended derailed
    They hunted him for eternity, it turned to be
    A legacy of murdering, raping and burdaining
    Now the humanity carries out the hate
    Hence, wars, serial killers and rape
    As Tyrael continues deceiving heaven
    Wicked thoughts were inserted,hence 9/11
    But humanity is not on his agenda
    Evading former brethren is main cause
    Torture shows in hell, earning his applause
    So now he's fallen, at the brink of peril
    He's enjoying, but the big head is the devil
    He is just a pawn, maybe a black knight
    But he could be thrown out, hacked overnight
    He sees that fact, and is filled with fright
    Fallen, scarred, riddled with a blight
    Once a might with the power of light
    Now a coward,running from an illusion
    Now he is destroyed, no more sinew

    Story with no joy, to be continued

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    Yo buy your self a mic and get busy...and start rapping over beats... pick up a flow and a delivery and get going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InspectahChek View Post
    Yo buy your self a mic and get busy...and start rapping over beats... pick up a flow and a delivery and get going.
    Thanks man, I may actually do that when my voice deepens a bit. It's still pretty annoying to listen to. I'm still 15, my wordplay will get better as I learn to speak English more fluently.

    PEACE fam, and thanks. Expect the second part of Tyrael soon.

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