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Thread: Shizzah's Mental Asylum

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    Default Master of Unfinished Paintings

    Construction of elements upon my enterance
    Veterans and gentlemen, a whole population I'm better than
    Sitting on the roof gazing on a casket
    See half-way through the nightsky, blast it
    Intellects combined of five minds in one grind
    I would see the whole globe if I was blind
    The casket started shaking, although it was empty
    Should I rest in peace? It was tempting
    Reminiscent of the morning, and how it was blessed
    See more papers with death letters than a printing press
    Style-makers and trend-setters see more light then a contact lens
    Questioned my age, I owned you like a gramps
    I had greater intellect than you when I was in Pamp's
    If your cash is like your talent, you be living off food stamps
    Image after image, color after color, an unfinished painting
    Why finish when the whole world is waiting?
    Grab a popcorn and watch the show
    Another death letter delivered by a black crow
    Winter covered in cold,blooded black snow
    Switch topics like seasons, the last one was cold
    I should send detectives on your ass,because of that style you stole
    I craft the mold, I insert the flow, I deal the final blow
    I grow, I glow, it's all about me
    I desintegrate oxygen in your lungs like nuclear industry
    Burning glaciers of ice, not a melted centimeter
    The smell of ether, bringing back memories

    Scriptures and pictures carved for centuries
    None have decyphered them with tons of lecturings
    The Romans conquered all of Europe then collapsed
    Perhaps, it lasts when it's in balance, not all of valance
    War isn't everything, people lived before they invented weapons
    Now we have guns that pierce through skin in a split second
    Imagine the population increase without war
    By the 15th century,we'd have billions of people
    Fly on planes with eagles, without weapons that are lethal
    Knowledge is needed, and it's a painted picture
    Write this down, and tad it on a scripture

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    Obscure History line coming soon...
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    Default History (Skipped Class)

    The gentle brush strokes on the painter's canvas
    Light in the room is shed by bloody candles
    It was reflected by the bronze snatch of his sandals
    Jesters of the hall court in The Macedonia Castle
    Apocalypse of the mental hemisphere
    The end is near, the Black Mace engineer
    Write horror novels on the wall of the Asylum
    Kids playing outside thinking it's kindergarten
    Corporate comitee with their cigars large
    Eviscerate you to show you who's in charge
    The powers of a word include both mend and hurt
    Cuss on you to leave your face eating the dirt
    The hierarchy of evolution is extremely unfair
    Before humans, trees were for millions of years there
    Now we cut them and we just don't care
    We in a way slaughter our own fathers
    When we eat fishes,and toss their bones to garbage
    The Nords discovered America half a century before Columbus
    Leif wasn't interested to what will be now among us
    That isn't what stunned us... It was the Indians
    The kings wanted to make them their minions
    There was the origin of racism, and the wicked image
    Crooked minds ready to rape and pillage
    Only a small conquistador percentage
    Came there for knowledge, and to learn the mysteries
    We didn't make this shit up, this is history
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    Yo man, this is some really ill shyt....

    Major propz for every single verse previously posted....

    It was hell of a read....

    Keep it up man.....


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    Default Vercingetorix B.C.

    The Roman Empire was the biggest in Earths history
    United Gaul,forming a single nation,relishing their fist fury
    Animated by a same spirit,can defy the Universe
    Vercingetorix almost made Ceasar's empire disperse
    With a modest coinpurse he made the matters worse
    With absolutely no chance, he reversed
    The path of the war, the greatest Gaul
    To fall, was one of the greatest generals of all
    The Romans looked like a puny country
    That couldn't conquer a tribe of barbarians
    When the meat-robber looked like a vegetarian
    Vercingetorix is a heroic example of Gallic virtue and resolve
    A proof how empires without a leader slowly dissolve
    Ceasar had to play dirty in the final battle
    He rallied his men like a herd of cattle
    Laid a siege fortification right outside the walls
    Cingeto surrounded the Romans, the battle stalls
    Ceasar waited for relief, a hundred thousand men
    Found a weak spot in the defenses,ran it sensless then
    Broke the fortification down, and the Gauls were done
    The general had to surrender, and the war was gone
    His name in translation from Latin scribes--
    'Superior War King' to survive the times
    And 'Leader of the High Council'
    A great person both in the sword and mind
    Obscure History is there, for us to find
    Lack of knowledge is just making us blind
    Never enough wisdom, to make us sublime
    Our story ends in 46 B.C.
    Vercingetorix R.I.P.

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    Default Visions Unformed

    Back when angels were not even a dream
    Back when Gods existed wherever you gleam
    The Ancient Greeks couldn't explain the storms
    They made Poseidon, a vision of unformed
    The lore of blood and gore was Ares-born
    The God of War, left the battlefields blown
    Hephaestus supplied them with brimstones
    Rhea was made to explain the thorns
    The world stayed torn, above it's norm
    Ruled by myths and visions of no core form
    The Sumer had the same story 3 milleniums before
    The Vikings of the north had Thor
    While Mayans and Incas celebrated the bee swarm
    Aztecs celebrated the sacrifice and slaughter to the floor
    Aborigin religion opened the door tens of thousands years before
    From the cave art, you know that it's actually four
    Religion is something that is born all across the Earth's core
    On different places, in different time, with no connections
    Cults of Osiris, Neith and Isis celebrated resurrections
    History is learned from books not from lessons
    In school, it's the easiest way of manipulation
    How to breed a nation filled with deception
    Lies engrave a feeling of needing redemption
    The true war heroes aren't even an honorable mention
    We can change the present and the future
    But history is carved in stone, immobile like the suture
    You can't have history if you don't have time
    Pick up a book and open up your mind

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    Damn man, I must say I am amazed with this one....!!!
    Ur versez r gettin more complexed & better each time........

    I know we have the same prime language, so I am very amazed with vocabs u r usin in ur versez...... They r really insane......

    Keep it up, u r gettin really better and better......!!!

    Major propz man....


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    Thanks man. I think that's about it for Obscure History for now. More will come later.

    I'll probably finish the Tyrael story now.

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    I'm gonna sit down with a blunt and read through this thread bro......

    "You've Been Busy"

    "You Know What It Is"

    Nice touch with the "Sylar Painting"

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    yeah shits def. above average ya know wat im sayin' always a good read, feelin da style

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizzah View Post

    Sacred wings went from divine to obscene
    Went from restoration spells to morphine
    His once wise words now are profane
    He owned three seas, like he was propane
    Now he owns a swamp, dirty and muddy
    He was an angel, fallen because his hands were bloody
    He put people in danger, and now he's off and running
    His blood tainted, with black corruption
    His wings painted, with gray abduction
    Once sainted, now hunted across the universe
    He dispersed, to millions of words and murders
    People kill in his name, people live in his name
    He controls the pawns like it's a chess game
    No shame, his terrible reign over the shadows untamed
    A millenia of realm wars, Heaven vs Tyrael
    Repertoire of hell's storms, Earth ended derailed
    They hunted him for eternity, it turned to be
    A legacy of murdering, raping and burdaining
    Now the humanity carries out the hate
    Hence, wars, serial killers and rape
    As Tyrael continues deceiving heaven
    Wicked thoughts were inserted,hence 9/11
    But humanity is not on his agenda
    Evading former brethren is main cause
    Torture shows in hell, earning his applause
    So now he's fallen, at the brink of peril
    He's enjoying, but the big head is the devil
    He is just a pawn, maybe a black knight
    But he could be thrown out, hacked overnight
    He sees that fact, and is filled with fright
    Fallen, scarred, riddled with a blight
    Once a might with the power of light
    Now a coward,running from an illusion
    Now he is destroyed, no more sinew

    Story with no joy, to be continued
    Part 2 below

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    Default Tyrael Pt. 2 (Wrath)

    Left faceless, corruption in his crest
    It manifests through questlessness
    Once a white sword, now a gray blade
    His face once holy, now decayed and fade
    His angelic mail now a rugged leather armor
    Wings no longer there, he killed his hellish father
    Learned his lesson,lived in depression
    No profession in his possession,he had no facial expression
    He had only one obsession, manic love for aggression
    So he crafted a sword, and planned his redemption
    In no need for confession, he ran without a question
    He began a quest to the tomb of Lazarus
    As he entered, he struck hazardous
    Destroying the ancient spirits resting
    With sick thoughts manifesting
    He ransacked the sarcophagus
    And took the sacred armor, sword and shield
    Now he only need wings, to return to the battlefield
    The rage within him, was not so beneath
    He only wished for heavens to die from defeat
    He wasn't the one to concede the deceit
    The deception, was another reason for redemption
    As the cold blood boils underneath his loins
    He polishes his sword, and then he joins
    The eternal warpath of heaven and hell
    Centuries have passed since he fell
    An army, under his emblem, assembled
    Paragraphs of destruction, heavens shall tremble
    Decades of preparation, made his wings angelic again
    The fallen, blasting rampage upon his bretheren
    The gates of heaven were breached
    The ghosts were reached, the sound of war horns
    Tyrael's army in a swarm of torn form
    The throne of the sky quickly went from gold to black
    What Tyrael took, is never coming back
    An eternal curse, upon the world

    And the people start living life in the aftermath

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    I'm done for now. I won't be dropping anything for some time.

    Drop your thoughts, I wanna know what y'all think. Be the most rigorous you can.


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    yo shizzah- you makin foolz go back and check their darts-
    makin 'em re-evaluate their skillz and thingz.

    you drop mad substance yo-

    props brother-

    The O-

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    Yo shizz, as I said couple of timez for now, I'm fuckin amazed with these lyrics.....
    Even if Mental Asylum was written by some1 from english-speaking country, it would be still dope as hell, and all I can say is mad propz for writting these lyrics, cuz we have same prime language, and I am fuckin amazed how much talent for writting u have....

    Keep droppin raw shyt Shizz....


    PS-Stvarno svaka cast care! Nemoj stati ovde, ocigledno imas talenta, nastavi da pises....

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