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Thread: Who could bring the Wu back?

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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

    i think rae can bring em back

    rae for some reason has that "street" ora about him.. if he is successful, then this will bring the wu back.

    ghost has potential but ghost to me doesnt have that gritty street crime type ora that rae has..

    plus.. whoever drops first and hottest, we need to start hearing more "wu-tang" chants in the songs...

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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

    there's still people out there who don't know who Raekwon is

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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

    The Wu will never make it back to the top cause they are fine with where they are at and what they have done to change the industry. The way to the top is through MTV and BET and i doubt Rza is going to bother to go that route. Ghostface and Meth are the ones that will get play on those networks and they will bring new listeners in, but to get the next generation would be a stretch. More "wu-Tang" chants would be nice though
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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

    Cilvaringz, Bronza Nazareth, Moongod Allah

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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

    Yea if they came back using the old school type concept like 36 Chambers, it would def bring them back to true fans

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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?


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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Mayoya
    The only thing that can put Wu-Tang on the map is a fucking dope WU-TANG CLAN cd.
    and thats word to the Father,

    think about it, whenever these guys are on some TV show what do people ask?

    "are you guys gonna come back with another group album?" thats what people are lookin for from wu. if wu can put together a forever-esc group album it would be the start of a wu-tang ressurection.
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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

    The RZA. Wu-Tang begins and ends with The RZA.

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    Default Re: Who could bring the Wu back?

    Meth, Ghost, and Rae being on point. And RZA making crazy beats.
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