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damn yo
Mike...ya whole clique could make some dope ass music yo, no doubt
latinos like yall make me proud evryday, for real
keep representing us and keep bangin yo.....LATINO HASTA LA MUERTE
BTW where yall stationed at?

Papi thanx Alot For Taking from your time to Listen to My Words.
I Truely Dig that. Keep on Supporting Good Latino Artists. We realy need the Support Here in the East Coast. Right now its hard to get Latin HipHop played on the radio. other than Reggaeton Music, Latin HipHop Should Be on the same level, I feel like we back in 1985 - 86 When it was hard to get HipHop Played Point blank. Keep Supporting Papi, Lets Unite and keep this Movement going on. Its a Musical Revolution, And We Aint Stoping no time Soon........ Peace , And God Bless