Well well, it looks like Marvel managed to pull it off...again. It seems Marvel really took a hard look at Ang Lees' Hulk, realised what a bit of a fuck up it was (even though I still enjoyed it) and made a very noble attempt to give us the Hulk movie most of us really wanted.

First of all I just want to get this out of the way, The Incredible Hulk is not as good as Iron Man. It's not really the movies fault per say, it's just that Bruce Banner is no Tony Stark so he lacks the certain charisma that made Robert Downey Jr in the role so enjoyable to watch. This is not to say that Edward Norton did not put in a good performance, on the contrary he was is brilliant, giving the character the intensity that was needed, you could feel the sense of desperation as Banner desparately tries to find a cure for his condition only to be met with failure again and again. Tim Roth as Emil Blonski (Abomination) gave a good menacing performance although far from his best and I did feel his role was a little underwritten, I just never fully understood his reasons for decisions he made but it was an otherwise interesting character.
William Hurt as General (Thunderbolt) Ross was great, his reasons for wanting the Hulk may have been obvious but his real motivation was alot more personal giving him a lot more layers which I think people will discover in time with repeated viewings.

The sfx in this movie in my opinion were fantastic, Hulk looks twice as good as he did in the previous film, some may argue that he still looked fake or whatever but I was truly immersed in this Marvel universe....Thats right Marvel Universe. There are loads of geek refrences for you to spot along with a surprise visit by a now well known character.

The story was pretty straight forward, it simply moved from point A to point B and it worked, the movie never gets bogged down with exposition, it just gets on with it to a very satisfying conclusion.

Overall this was a great film with good characters and plenty of top action, Marvel has easily made amends from the last film and I would rank this one in the top ten best superhero movies, solid all the way.