1) I think these full-length uploads give the producers too easy of an advantage. I believe the future beat-battles should have 10-seconds of a sample and see how creative the producers are from there.


* It'll really show who's really talented and who just takes portions of a record and does the traditional reverse, flip-it-and bounce routines, etc.. the bullshit that helps them win.

*It'll definitely open and bring more focus on other ways of how to flip a sample.

2) Expand the sample choices!

*Upload a vocal sample only and apply it into a beat-battle. Every sample is a branch to something new. Flip the sound of static if anyone uploaded a static sample. Anything that will make shit more advanced.

*Sometimes, make it difficult. Upload 3-4 second song samples and see what can happen.


that's all I can think of right now, it's been HEAVY on my mind... lol..