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Thread: VOTES NEEDED-Eradicate Vs. Shizzah Rd. 2

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    Default VOTES NEEDED-Eradicate Vs. Shizzah Rd. 2

    I got 24 lines... Match it whatever....

    Finish the fight... shit.. after i start the match, his wig'll ignite..
    only pair this guy carries around is on his sig in this site...
    you'll get tired of me 'n thats enough to hate dude
    so i'll grab those bags under your eyes and use them to suffocate you...
    you'll get beat the fuck down when i aint gunnin son
    E put so many 'knots' on ya face you'll wanna hang ya self with one of 'em
    You ain't nothin' bum... was gonna beat ya ass in person, but i got shit tied up
    thinkin... which side of ya house to knock on? fragile or this side up
    bash necks with brass till they gash red, blast the techs on mass sets
    he straight? Shizzah 'suck more dick' then drug addicts with ‘crack debts
    Punches confuse da screen, i'll bruise ya spleen, it's simple to crush rhymes
    Ya temple and guts mine, cuz Shiz aint gettin' 'Positive feed' if he nibbles a plus sign
    E aint touched, believe me, after this..you'd be glad to see much
    My punches be keepin Shizzah down more than gravity does
    Clap fags with slugs, the keyboard got dudes grabbin' the matt
    Twist ya front around, so when ya itch ya titty, you gotta scratch ya back
    You aint strapped with cash.. see me holdin the cold plastic,
    While his mother placin a rainbow flag over his closed casket...
    You're No match kid.. aint a booth that Im lost In,
    Move with caution or rep the Underground till your Roof is A Coffin
    Oh Refrain, quit that gun talk son, You May Step wit Liars,
    Look At my Guns, they on 'Welfare' cuz they Stay Gettin Fired...
    You feasibly little! Battlin me? You seein defeat cuz I'm leavin you Riddled!
    your name coincides with your verse..whole lotta Z's in the middle! ZzzZZz...

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    You lost round one, and you started running frantic
    Can't admit a defeat, so you ran away with panic
    I'm not surprised by the gun-rhymes you throw
    Cause I've seen your freakin style... it blows
    You compliment my rhyme's, what can it be?
    Cause the zee's in the middle are killer fuckin beez
    I don't need cash, I've got my respect
    And I pay up when I face a fucking debt

    Whichever side you look on,you see defeat
    You'll think I'm ambidexterous when I chop off your feet
    You left the last battle, reeking of defeat
    I act like a butcher,with a cleaver and your meat

    I turn the fucking page, take my pen with rage
    I'ma tear your FACE OFF like you're Nicolas Cage
    Your upside down, and you're shutting your ankles
    Pissing in your mouth, while your legs stay dangled
    You're afraid of sound, cause my flow is on 'yell'
    I kill you easy, and take your corpse for show & tell
    You lose cause you fuck around, like Will Ferrell
    Blow in hell, while the devil spits fire
    No wonder you turn off sound... on your amplifier
    You only talk about spinning, childhood trauma?
    I was bumping hardcore while you were still in pijamas
    I came from zero to hero like Barack Obama
    How the fuck would you know what a perfect rhyme is?
    When you keep getting F's in a fucking pop quiz

    It's not human, how I destroy you raw
    I'm like Steven Seagal, I'm above the law
    Ain't no chance for you to get to me
    You bribe your psychic, to predict your victory
    My style is illegal in most foreign cultures
    Cause I leave you to die, ate up alive by vultures
    24 lines? Homie, I'm hope your joking
    I'm kinda like Sylar... I leave you broken
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    I think you got this one.

    Let's see some votes people...

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    whats with the extra bars??

    votes i guess...

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    Flow - Eradicate
    Multis - Eradicate
    Vocab - Tie
    Personals - Eradicate
    Punches - Eradicate

    Vote - Eradicate

    your name coincides with your verse..whole lotta Z's in the middle! ZzzZZz..

    nice ass personal/punch, easily d best line of your verse

    Look At my Guns, they on 'Welfare' cuz they Stay Gettin Fired...

    ^again d wordin cuda ben betta, i had a line simila to diz buh u jus needa work on wordin sumtimes, u hav d punches on lock, d best battler i seen on here sofar.

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    more votes then i expected we'd have.. thank you Novakaine

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    hey lets vote on this you pieces of shit.

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    shizz had the rhyme pattern laid out but he lost me in the rap, so i guess i shd swing E's way.
    there's a thin line between failure and success

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    Flow - Eradicate
    Multis - Eradicate
    Vocab - Eradicate
    Personals - Eradicate
    Punches - Eradicate

    Good buisness E.. I never seen you so tenacious. Punches were on point and you threw some multis.. do it more often -


    CONservative goverMENt

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    not sure i agree with either of you..
    but never the less it's good getting a 5 month old battle over with.

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    lol - I think I have one still pending from a year ago... and you don't think you came off better than Shizzah in this??? Dude if you're going to spit in battles - you gotta have confidence in your shit... I don't think I ever though any of my rhymes sucked. The only one here to ever beat me is Visions Unseen.....and I'm a lady. Vulgar and Vicious, but a lady all the same...

    Confidence, I imagine your alittle better by now..

    CONservative goverMENt

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    lol vulgar and vicious the best types id say..
    and the reason i didn't agree with you was the simple thing you said do it more often.. lol
    the only battle here i fucked up on was the first shizzah battle. which besides that i think i did alright. i believe i've beat everyone ive faced so far on here. this is actually the last time i wrote a a verse. much appreciate your input, and goodluck on your future endeavors as well.

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    Peace to all who voted, and peace to Erad for a good battle.

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    Default bullshit

    donno y yall voting 4 E
    dat dude's flos r wack 2 me
    God wishes mankind a healthy living / but everyday the degree or famine increases.

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