There's no way you can take that movie seriously.

First off, the premise: the people are getting killed by trees. I think M. Night makes some dope movies (I'm one of the few that liked The Village), but this movie's a joke, and I think it was done on purpose.

The script was wack!! At first I thought it was just a few lines, but it kept coming. And the acting was just as wack. Marky Mark's a good actor, but his shit looked forced in this movie, and fake.

I think M Night wanted it to be like on that purpose. Like a b-horror movie or somethin, cheesy lines and cheap thrills.

When you think about it, i think it was cheesy like that on purpose. It had some seriously funny moments too, like his pharmacy story and when he's talking to the plastic plant.

Shit was a joke, on purpose. I don't think M Night lost, i think the critics did for not catching that.

And who else sees the old woman as an allegory for the earth...
"Don't touch what's not yours"
"You're trying to steal from me. You're trying to kill me in my sleep."