hahaha ONGH fist of kidz lay of that pipe yo ok,

2ndly since in an O.G Daddy Mack Vet King that grew up in the Golden Era of Hip Hop thatz 144 years old ocording to the caculations of your mathamatic skillz ONGH

im gonna drop some ill LINKS (YES fuckin linkz , that way therez an element of surprise putz'z) for some old school shit that I think either the younginz dont know? or the true heads may forgot?

cause you smoke dat Cheeba Cheeba like Cypress yo Ongh

& i feel its appropriate here causse i said so , hahaha no thiz by far iz da funniest room .

ONLY i can post the tracks since i was a dj and if you want to ..you need my permission first or you get pistol whipped like the bitch in Gimmie Da Loot ONGH lol


first off here...huh hold on , hold on just got a PM wtf ? ok ok Yes Spermi Paradox i will play your request first juicyfruit