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Thread: Yo what happened to the Weathermen?

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    Default Yo what happened to the Weathermen?

    Yo they was hyping shit up 4 like 2 years & all they dropped was a mixtape & a few unreleased singles?
    I know Cage got Hells Winter do out next month
    But last I saw Copywrite & Camu were trading blows

    So anybody know if an album is still gonna drop or what?

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    Default Re: Yo what happened to the Weathermen?

    errr, jakki and copy left the weathermen Jakki is dropping an album which should be out by now, and copy is working on his label i imagine 'Odot Records; i dont have any info on what's going on with the Weathemen, although they are still going.

    Cage's album has a track named 'Weathermen Gang' which features:

    Camu Tao
    Tame One
    Yak Ballz
    Aesop Rock

    As for the other weathermen i dont know whats going on with them, Vast Aire, Breezly Brewin, Vordul.

    Try the Cage Website:

    www.cagekennylz.com i know theres a link to the weathermen forums there somewhere.
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    Default Re: Yo what happened to the Weathermen?

    Yeah I checked out Cage & Def Jux site, but nothings going on. It seems everybody just doing solo projects. I remember this cat who was nice named Masai Bei was rolling with them but he left Def Jux & is on Stolen Music Imprint

    When they first formed they should have dropped an album. New Yorks underground seemed on top of the world but now shit has slowed down. I would still check for an album if they dropped it.

    I'm mos def getting Hells Winter

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