I raise my head up and think to myself "for tomorrow"
Trying to find a life jacket for my hope drowning in sorrow//
I know a thief named depression, he does hit an' runs
He's on the prowl for my joy as soon as i'm gett'in some//
Depression gives too though, his gifts are hopelessness--
--misery, confusion, and pain plus everybody notices//
Because i swear these gifts are hard to hide, while--
--people look at you wondering why you don't smile//
Its interesting, you can "catch" what don't wanna "receive"
From a "quarterback" with evil tricks up his sleeves//
But when it comes to winning a game that you must, now--
--there are endless "player"s preventing your "touchdowns"//
So what do u do? just "run" and try to "take the hits"
And when u "fumble your ball" you claim you hate the shit//
That fumbled ball symbolizes the life you lost
Some don't even try to get it back despite the cost//
Which is of course living so they become suicidal
With tunnel vision they're seeing their life through a slight hole//
That doesn't let much light in and darkness equals no hope
Then they die while they dive from a deck--
--of a boat that won't float--
Life is hard to swallow but don't choke//

Message is "without hope for tomorrow, a depressed mind becomes suicidal..."

So if you know anybody that even looks like their depressed from time to time, engaged with them because you could be all they need to save their lives. Believe me, i've been going through depression and its been hard for the past few months, but all it takes to give me a little hope for tomorrow is a little social support. So don't ignore people who look down, its not worth it to you are them.