my flows burnin rocks like steamin cocain powder
heron lines devour emcees top voltron power
shower me with gifts like i was the new born high mighty
i feel slightly exhaulted with the sight of aphrodite
you wanna fight me, but im a ghost with spiritually deadly blows
my mind rose to the occasion wit well twined spaghetti flows
linguini grows out the swollen brain chamber
leave new born emcees enslaved, dead in the manger
while i still remain the king of the new birthed danger
im like raw coke cooked heated immensly over the devils flames
blood stains, splattered all over the battle plains, that's remains
bite of a lion with the strength of long faught roman games
my existence gains while others is left struggling to pull on "O"
i thought you would know "oxygen" is slow to rise is pluto
planets surround me gravital pull storng holdin
while emcees bodys foldin over the calf of golden
shine brightly off the sun rays blinding to all specs
faget the teks nines and gats..just pay your respects