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    Quote Originally Posted by Coley View Post
    I'm not even collecting tape, but damn, BIG D O, if you don't have the money, don't take money out of other people's pockets, that's really, really sad. I would've understood if you couldn't afford food to survive, but these are tapes, and you're actually damaging other people by stealing them, even if it's just a dollar. If you don't have the money to buy one right now, just wait 'til you DO have the money. Especially when you obviously do have the money to get drunk... That's just my 2 cents though (no pun), I would've felt terrible, both towards the store owners and the artists you're stealing from. Honest collectors are actually paying for them while they end up in your collection the cheap way, blegh.
    nigga please.....lol.....i'm jackin mainly from thrift stores not established big name retail chain businesses, the artists don't see any money from the shit that's sold in there yo; tha shit in the thrift stores is people's old, disregarded stuff that they donate for free after they stop using it or don't want it.....most of the time the cassette's in those stores haven't been touched or played by anyone in years and 90% of the time no one is ever looking at them when I walk up in there either...I save them tapes from a obscure shelf life where they won't be played or even acknowledged......jesus, nikkas need to calm down, y'all is acting like I steal everything, I told y'all I pay when I have the dough and I don't when I don't....ya'll up here acting like I'm going to ya favorite rapper's crib and i'm breaking in they house stealing the food right out they baby girl's mouth, lol..they be one dollar tapes man, I know most of y'all steal more money everyday doin whatever; stealing ya nieghbor's paper, jackin cable TV, getting that unauthorized refill at steak n shake, whatever..what the fuck do I care if i'm jackin tapes? Most of these tapes were assembled and packaged in 3rd world countries like Mexico, Malaysia, Guatamala, China, etc., etc., by people of color; my people! Who were only paid 10 cents an hour to do so....fuck the corporations who are in bed with the money hungry pigs that exploit their own people for American dollars....I don't owe them shit either.....besides i'm ordering plenty off the net as well......and I still buy CD's from in the stores, stores that I might add no longer carry cassette tapes....so before you go getting all riteous about me and what I do, check yaself, I ain't hurting nobody, you just wanna sit around and bitch like a lil' ole' gal and shit......
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