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Thread: Hell Razah - Hell Razah & 4th Disciple: Freedom Of Speech

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    Don't grab my jacket dunn Hollow Dartz's Avatar
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    Default Hell Razah - Hell Razah & 4th Disciple: Freedom Of Speech

    01: Intro (Slavery)
    02: Rebel Music
    03: Article One
    04: High Science
    05: One Harmony
    06: House-pitality
    07: Oh! Baby
    08: Way of Life
    09: Baby Girl
    10: Take Ya Time
    11: Same Ol' Thugs
    12: Project Love
    13: Who Gonna Die Next?
    14: Angel Tears
    15: We Can Do That Too (feat. Traybag)
    16: Underground to Da Heavens
    17: Don't Hate (It) (feat. Traybag)
    18: Pimpology (feat. 7th Ambassador)
    19: R.A.Z.A.H.
    20: We the People

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    Don't grab my jacket dunn Hollow Dartz's Avatar
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    1. Intro

    2.Rebel Music
    A nice opening track, Hell Razah spits his usual rhyme. He sounds on point and the beat is just right for the lyrics on here, so this is a pretty solid track. 3.5/5

    3.Article One
    Ok as soon as the track comes on you're ready for the beat to drop on here and it does. Hell Razah goes in on this joint
    Ayo the Bush's got plans to lock down Afghanistan
    Take all of the Heroin, bring it out to Desert land
    The black man, write his war, why we was neva fam
    I be a Sun of Man, blood kin of Abraham
    Holy wars in Iran, now we're be eye-scanned
    Divided we stand, united we fall
    Like Babylon, they built the Twin Towers too tall
    In these days of Revelation, ain't nobody could ball
    Hand writings on the Project walls written in Hebrew
    With hand made Desert Eagle, I kill evil
    Four hundred years later, we still feeble
    My inmates that's locked in hell, we still need you
    I be the breath of life for dead people
    Valley and drop o's, I dare who try to sit it in my throne
    He's ass hole, for thinkin' he could fuck wit our zone
    He better spit that weak shit about them diamonds and hoes

    he shreds this joint with no problem, verse does sound familar but it sounds real nice on here. 4th Disciple does a great job on this one.

    4.High Science
    This is an ok joint, pretty average on here, Hell Razah does stick to the title on here and drops science on alot of cats, lyrics are on point, the beat is pretty average though which kind of kills the steam. 3.5/5

    5.One Harmony
    I fucks with this joint right here, I love the hook on here " I'm Reality, Poverty, Poetry, Prophecy, Honesty...." he just goes on this one. Hell Razah is dropping that knowledge, niggaz need to wake up, then he shouts out G.G.O. (Ghetto Government Official). His second verse is reused from another song (Rowdy, Rowdy). It's all good a good track is still produced. 4/5

    This is a nice joint right here, I'm feeling the beat by 4th and Hell Razah does not disappoint aswell, he is crazy throughout this whole album. 4.5/5

    7.Oh! Baby
    This is ok, I like it at times then sometimes I don't feel it that much, this sounds like he is speaking to the world on the pupil on this joint,
    the beat by 4th is nice and Hell Razah spits raw on here. I'm listening to the track now and I'm feeling it.

    8.Way of Life
    It's something about this beat I do not like at all and it just makes me want to hit the skip button, Hell Razah takes us through a hip-hop journey on this one, but the beat makes me unaware... 3/5

    9.Baby Girl
    I'm not feeling this joint either, I skip this track everytime aswell, beat is weak, Hell Razah comes ok, but this isn't good enough for a full listen, he keeps it real though. 3/5

    10.Take Ya Time
    This is an ok joint, i like his last verse on here, some smooth jazz shit, people need to listen to Razah's words, he spits the truth on this joint.
    In my ghetto, son, the walls have ears
    Same rumors carried on for years, more and more forties and beers
    Reminiscin' on the pictures we shared, coffee park
    You blunted on the benches and stairs, and never scared
    Nigga violate at all, toe to toe in the square
    Elevator ride, you play a corner or catch a black eye
    Hot piece and butter, find a bell, taste the fat guy
    Back then, Black and Sly Time, had the loudest ride
    We went from petty crime, to up north, to federal time
    Money circulate, some paper chase for nickels and dimes
    Some will die while they was holdin' they steel, in automobiles
    You noticin' the snake eyes was all in his grill
    From success, come the envious, revenge and sex
    In the projects, no tellin' if you death be next
    Gamblin' bets, debts turn to techs and threats
    We all strugglin' from Puerto Ricans down to Aztecs

    a nice cool joint right here. I like the beat switch on this joint too.

    11.Same Ol' Thugs
    Ok now enough of the games, here's the best 3 tracks on this album
    in order, this is the first one right here, Hell Razah spits about Women
    just bulding with them on here, the hook tells it all, he meets the chick
    and just wants to build, nice storytelling on this joint, I love the end of
    the first verse "I lit a cigarette and laughed and proceeded to walk"
    that's real smooth right there if you can picture that scene, Hell Razah
    came nice. Second verse is even better and you can just picture the
    scene clearly.

    The second time I've seen her, it was up in Club Cheetah's
    Like Solomon and Queen Ashibah, but I be cheaper
    Watched her before I greet her, she kept dissin' all the fake thugs trynna meet her
    Blowin' they reefer, askin' her to write down they cell phone and beeper
    From here I can read her, but damn, she is a diva
    A primadonna, might be an anaconda
    I crept up from behind her, tapped the shoulder
    She turned around, noticed it's me, played me closer
    Sippin' on a cold Corona, this ain't a place for an older
    Mature like woman, who stay sober, we left before the party's over
    I know a better place to chill and build about our black culture...

    that shit was mad real right there it don't get better than that,
    and the beat by 4th just keeps you in tuned all the way.

    12.Project Love
    This joint is mad nice. The beat by 4th is ill and it's just real. Hell Razah
    comes real sharp on the mic and keeps it 100. This one is strictly for the
    hood niggaz out there, he goes in on the second verse...

    Drug shipments, welfare recipients worship Clinton
    Meanwhile, we got no food in the kitchen
    Grandmothers turned Christian, try to warn 'em but he ain't listen
    Now it's phone calls from prison, daddy little girl is missin'
    Thirteen when she started kissing, she came in late pops was flippin'
    Momma's boy, sold his cracks, to be employed
    Not noticin' we caught in the trap, to be destroyed
    Lookin' out of cab window, same babies in the carriage, now sell indo
    Carry an info', the sore losers can't win, so they spread rumors
    Corrupt cops, either lock or shoot us
    We love the hood with a ghetto respect, Nat Turner
    The burner be the mind first amendment, say it, cause I meant
    Don't care about those who get offended
    We rock like Jimi Hendrix, me and my kindred
    Street corner experts, in jeans and a sweatshirt
    Teammates kick dirt, for CREAM and a network
    Your back'll get stabbed for that cash money bag
    You ain't a thug, 'cause your chain, gun and doo-rag
    New car, new lab, powerful weed from just two drags
    You coughin' on oregano, be careful who you follow bro'
    Someone to push your Bentley, but they ain't ready though
    Someone to be an M.C., and on the radio
    Some sell yayo, it's tricks in the ghettio
    Chick where my cash go? You just like the last hoe
    Bloomberg fucked up the crack flow, we let gats blow
    Twisted colors on our capsule, turn projects to castles
    You ever heard of the Black Jews? You seen us on the five o'clock news

    this is some real shit right here, Hell Razah did his thing for sure.

    13.Who Gonna Die Next?
    This beat is crazy and smooth, 4th Disciple came correct, you are instantly
    in tuned on here, and Hell Razah just delivers, everything is on point..

    It's Hell in here, fear death row, electric chairs
    The time is near, riots in Times Square
    We sick of welfare, doing labor in the slaves career, afros, no wavy hair
    No charity pair, on Black Saladatory Day
    We gotta overthrow the government, the Maccabee way
    They out to stop my airplane, cuz they fear what I say
    But my people got ears, and can't hear what I say
    The poor is hated, even by his own neighbors
    But the rich have many friends, and traders, ho's and playa haters
    Some die, lost they life, cuz of foolish anger
    A mad man, only one letter short from danger
    We inhabit, live in the land of strangers
    Family famin, breakin' every ten commandment
    Take ya life for granted, on the Christ's planet
    Firin' cannons, cocked at whoever standing
    As road blocks to quiet planning
    Cops harass us, even though they trespass us
    You not allowed to serve two masters
    We lost sheep from the lost pastors


    14.Angel Tears
    This song just kills the vibe after those three tracks.
    Re-used verse and the beat is really all the great which makes this joint
    very skippable.

    15.We Can Do That Too
    This joint is right, Hell Razah goes in hard and the beat is on point,
    this album is definitely underrated. He came hard on here, nothing else to say.


    16.Underground to da Heavens
    Smashed! Hell Razah just goes in on here, i could quote this shit line from
    line if i wanted to. 4th delivers a banger and Hell Razah just cuts off heads
    on this one, no doubt..
    I'm more advanced than computer technology, invade your privacy
    Interruptions with no apology, take your mind for a great odyssey
    Drop a fishnet, so follow me where the prophets be
    Hollywood be astronomy, adul-atry rap
    The battle axe split your wig back
    Blood drip, leavin the track
    I got pressin plants scared to put me on wax
    From a thought to a debt-trap and two inch reels
    Wanna catch up where I'm at? Renew your skills
    Concentratin on my next move, lose your deal
    Stay on tour like a homeless traveller
    Some be wildin out their character
    They wonder why the ghetto's mad at ya
    I be the champion without a challenger
    My .40 caliber take your next days of the Roman calendar
    Hangin rappers by their gold chain, at a close range
    Scratch your name off the contract, get out of the game
    Pull your plug out from backstage on Soul Train
    I be a threat at a young age, the Hell to the Raze
    Solid rays be the diamond that your girl can't appraise
    To the most high in Christ, from my life give him praise

    He just went in on this joint.

    17.Don't Hate
    This is ok, I get where he's going on this joint, I was feeling this joint at
    first, I like those sounds in the back, sounds like i'm playing a machine
    or something, but this is a re-used verse again so this can be skipped.


    This joint is ok to an extent, the hook is kinda suspect, but Hell Razah
    does spit the truth on here and when 7th Ambassador comes in
    and says "Hit the road bitch and give me back all my doe..." that
    shit sounds so grimey, I get hyped for some reason.

    19. R.A.Z.A.H.
    I wasn't feeling this joint at first listen becuase this doesn't fit the vibe
    of the album at all. This is actually ok though, nothing too hype don't get

    20.We the People
    This is an good outro, the beat is flames but too short. 3.5/5

    Beats- 4/5
    Lyrics - 4.5/5
    Overall - 4/5

    This is a slept on Banger, i know these weren't the type of beats ya'll were
    expecting from 4th Disciple but it fits the vibe of the album. The transition
    between tracks 11-13 is just mad ill, you can feel the vibe & Hell Razah spits
    crazy on this joint aswell, the only thing I don't like is that some tracks contain
    the same verses from other albums or share the same verses from different
    songs on the album. Still a banger. ****Overall 4/5**** ****Certified Wu-banger****

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    I did not like 4th's production at all on this album.

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    Don't grab my jacket dunn Hollow Dartz's Avatar
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    Review is up.

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    Album is banging. Like I always say Razah is that fucking dude for real.


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    Heavy and Deep. Need to be in the mood but a lot of value in this.

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    what can i say about this ....
    banger classic superior
    best killa bee album i have listened

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    Same Ol' Thugs is a motherfuckin classic!!

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    take ya time 5/5
    who wanna die next 5/5
    best songs of album

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    Wack album. Bout 3 good songs on it.

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    always thought this was a slept on project

    4th went experimental with some of the beats, worked for me i like pretty much all of his stuff

    Razah needs to drop the sequal to this instead of all this extra shit like Ultrasounds
    poppa large, big shot on the east coast..

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    i love this cd cant get enough of it right up there with Goodie mob soul food


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    BlessedRThoseWhoStruggle Wu Apprentice's Avatar
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    I love 4th and Razah but this album was very dissapointing, it's not whack just seems rushed and lazy idk
    "The devil trembles when he knows the body is the temple and God is in you
    It's hard to continue when it's hard to offend you
    He snarls and sets traps, that have you setback
    The last round in this death match
    So strengthen where you're best at
    I promise you won't regret that" - Killah Priest

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    We do it for the people.

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    I copped this album back when it first dropped in late 2004. I remember initially disliking it back then. I started listening to it again this past June and started wondering what was I thinking? I guess I was too young to appreciate it for what it was at the time.

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