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Thread: My Very Rare Mobb Deep Set

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY_Mami View Post
    I bet I'm the ONLY person in the world besides Mobb Deep and Just Blaze that has High Quality version of the Right Back At You demo.........
    That's what I used to think about the first Sunz of Man Singles
    Quote Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
    i hope you die tonight faggit.

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    props dimidio thanks a lot man

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    Quote Originally Posted by prodigyimd View Post
    is light em up - paddy shop?
    light em up has all the same verses as paddyshop, but recorded to a different beat.

    I used to have paddyshop on a blank cassette tape...god knows what happened to it...ive been searching for paddyshop for years...thats the demo song that got them signed to loud.

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    yeah true i know that, i have the shit but its only 1 prodigy verse then it cuts off, the beat is ill, is big noyd in that shit too ?

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    paddy shops is on dj mister cee - The best of the infamous starring mobb deep, but that shit is hard to find ive been looking for a while

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    the paddyshop on the mister cee tape is only prodigy's verse...i got that shit, but i need the full song. it got a havoc and big noyd verse too.

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    oh word thanks for letting me know so i dont go crazy looking for that shit, but yeah man if i come across the demo ill let u know

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    i have the prodigy one but then it cuts off after the first verse , gay shit idk why they wouldnt put the full song on there and it says ft. big noyd on the mixtape

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    big props man.....I was a big Mobb Deep fan during those early days, so much Juvenile Hell, but definitely Hell On Earth and the Infamous....when I get my PC back i'mma DL yo....

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    no doubt...

    where NY Mami at?

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    post that noyd verse u said u got , the patty shop verse

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    dimidio can you up the first songs of your list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammin View Post
    dimidio can you up the first songs of your list?
    if you talking about the demo tracks...the original poster got them on the first page...

    if not, let me know what you want and ill up them

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    i want everything lol

    everytime you log in on wucorp you can up a song or two?

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    dope post..

    I got another one that wasn't posted here..Back At You was featured on the soundtrack album of Sunset Park



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