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    Catch Iron Solomon, Madness, Flamez, Killa Kah, Benjamin Benz, Danja, Prestige, Desparado and more battling shit out in the second installment of the street classic "Underground Session Vol. 2" Featuring Snoop Dogg, Young Gunz, Ghostface Killah, Kool Keith, DJ Honda, C Rayz Walz, Butta Verses, Dj Sickamore, 60 Second Assassion, Allah Mathematics and much more PLUS some more RAW ASS street battles...

    Underground Session is young street Cats taking rap battles to a whole new level.

    Going from borough to borough, city to city, country to country - Challenging the hottest emcees in the hood, in the streets, where it all goes down. Who will remain king?

    See Uptown`s finest, GS
    verses BK`s up and coming rapper, Crown Royal
    go head to head in a shut `em down elimination battle.

    Witness the spitting in your face match when the BX`s own Shirt n Tie
    takes on Laz
    from the Lower East Side. See who gets spanked in their own hood. These guys make you feel like you`re in the front row with all the energy they spitting, literaly!

    This DVD includes a controversial battle between Critical
    and Shirt n Tie.
    Critical, a Florida native white boy, shakes the battlegrounds and suprises his opponent with his comical rhymes. But see what Shirt n Tie has up his sleeve. IT`S A BATTLE YOU WON`T FORGET!!!

    With more rap battles from Rob Frank, Nitti,Fettuccini and The Gift.

    These are real street battles that will have you on the floor laughing with the slick lines and tongue slashing lyrics.

    When the smoke clears, who will sit on the thrown as King?

    Also see special appearances and videos from Cuban Link
    DJ Enuff, Saigon & Tru-Life, Prodical, K.I.D. from Houston, P. Da Blame, Bal and more.

    These are streets battles gone wild! Never before have you seen it done like this. Check out Underground Session. YOU WOULDN`T WANT TO MISS IT!



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    cool shits man, lenduggan@gmail.com

    lets build

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