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Thread: I'm walking I'm living

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    Default I'm walking I'm living

    I gotta levitate above the water like I'm walking
    With punchlines I penetrate the boarder with compelling extortion
    It's the lord with the broad sword ready to cut
    Fronting huffing and puffing blood rushing ready to strut
    Ready to bust an upper cut to your gut
    Ninja stars are spinning rapidly so you better duck
    Better get the fuck up out of here till it's to late
    Knuckle up give you a toothache turn your brains to toothpaste
    For being belated you get liquidated in a whisk
    In an abyss you get assassinated in the mist
    What's created is the money for the rich
    In this blazon we blaze on saying money is a bitch
    You ain't funny you a prick
    With your muscle we don't struggle we bust your tummy with the clips
    I'm running this shit quick in a condominium we forced to conspire
    Hotter than fire thrown off the top forced off the spire
    Caught on the wire tripping you up sounding the alarm
    I got this kingdom ringing in the palm...
    Of my hands arms of the clan disarming your gang
    Starting to ban smacked wrist to smacked hand in debar
    I'm a pioneer going on a journey see how far
    About 20 miles 20 styles divided into 2 different files
    In the department with the parchment in the most significant isles
    I'm belligerent for a while all heated up
    Come within a certain distance of my rage ya'll get beaten up
    Like the belly of the beast eaten up where juices simmer
    Having dinner grabbing the inner intestines of the living winner
    I want the throne the jewels and the stones
    Instead of getting thrown in the cat-a-combs with the bones I'll live alone
    Never give up my home without I fight
    How my supposed to bless and show my success without a mic

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    On a mic I fight divide amongst the plight
    When I ride I strike leave ya on the blight
    Leave it on the bright like a diamond I'm shining like corraskate
    Glimmering blinding climbing to conquer and dominate
    I abominate like it's in my blood and I'm akin
    To the king next of kin step with a spring I rep do my thing
    Thrown in a sling you couldn't escape
    Tracking down the silver ring till you get checkmate
    The next earthquake that makes the earth shake where there's active volcano's
    Turbulance bring forth Tsanami acting like tornados
    But I paint rainbows and retrieve the gold
    No hate can penetrate my cardiac and leave it cold
    I need my soul uncontrolable to the grim reeper
    I'm looking searching eagerly so I dig deeper

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    Very good the first 8 lines really were good, as well as the whole piece.

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Liked the newest piece you posted, you cane with vivid imagery and a good vocab to describe your technique, i caught the wu influence in this. The rhyme scheme could've been more complex and i would've liked to see you tackle a more original topic but this was good reading.

    Keep posting man.
    Stamping on the testicles of defeat!

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    Once again let's get this popping karate chopping the ice in 7 sheets
    You got problems with beef across 7 different streets
    7 different beats mixed and fused for the new creation
    Causing devistation land mines scream detonation
    This generation is more wild than the last
    Back cutting cause my styles grandmaster like flash
    I attack this track like a swarm of bees
    Unleash what's within calling the beast
    Break the cage bend the bars
    I'm the alpha so I defend the stars
    Affend the sharks cause they be biting to often
    Copying darts why aren't you fighting your problems
    It's a mess and I guess my progress can mend
    part of the begining half of the end
    rap and defend this fortification I send in delegates
    Cause they trying to decimate besiege and penetrate
    Still I elavate to the top of the world
    Bring forth fire water earth and winds that wirl

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    u improvin...keep training...the road will be difficult, but with discipline the peaks will be reached...
    weep for lost babylon,
    the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
    bordered by a sea of faults,
    fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
    screaming shots, police and chalk,
    wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...


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