This movie doesn't get talked about that much but i love it. I think it's one of Ice Cube's best and he directed it. He put together a good cast for this one such as Bernie Mac, Jamie Foxx, LisaRaye, AJ Johnson, Charlie Murphy, Terrence Howard, Faizon Love, John Amos, Adele Givens, Crystale Wilson, Monica Calhoun, Alex Thomas. Bernie Mac was so funny in this one. LOL@scene when John Amos said to Bernie, don't be running up on me like that. I'll blow your ass all the way back to Chicago LOL. Bernie said to John, you ain't got no damn warrants, you ain't got nothing, you ugly muthafucka LOL. You know god damn well Freeman, you wrong man. All the pussy i done hooked your ass up with LOL. You better wear your bulletproof vest all day, all muthafucking day LOL. Bernie said to Faizon Love, you too, ya fat muthafucka hahahahahahahahahahahaha. LOL@Jamie Foxx dissing Adele Givens before she went on stage to strip, he said she used to be a dancer for the underground railroad in the 1800's hahahahahahahahahaha. Back when Kunta Kinte was balling and shotcalling LOL. When Adele came on stage, all the dudes in the club walked out LOL. LOL@Alex Thomas saying donkey booty, donkey booty when all the female strippers came running outta the dressingroom because rapper Luke of 2 Live Crew was in the club. LisaRaye was looking so good in this movie. It's a shame she has done so many straight to video movies because i thought she would have a decent acting career after this movie. She gets a lot of hate from females because she looks good and some blacks think she can't act because i've read some hating comments from people about her acting.