What up yall? I've been checking out the website for a while now but it's hard to get a real feel for who's hot just by reading some of yall lyrics. I'm a producer on the East Coast and we recently opened up a new recording studio in NJ. We looking for talent right now and our focus is on developing hip-hop acts, although we're open to hearing some of yall vocalists too. You don't neccessarily have to be from the East Coast to get our attention, if you hot we can make it work for all of us. If we like what we hear we are willing to sign you up and cover all studio expenses, etc. and we'll see where things go from there. The label is called M.A.D. Clique Recordings and the temporary website is www.myspace.com/mad_clique_recording

Interested artists looking for a break should go there and get the email/contact info, or Private IM me here. We will tell you where to send your demos, but make sure you copyright your material before sending it to us. We will not listen to anything until you do so, or until you waive all rights and give us permission to listen. I suggest you get at least a poor mans copyright on your stuff.