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Thread: The Game Explains Rumors Of Stiffing Family For Funeral Costs

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    Default The Game Explains Rumors Of Stiffing Family For Funeral Costs

    The Game addressed rumors of him stiffing his family for his late cousin's funeral on Wednesday (July 9), after the news surfaced earlier this week.

    During a radio interview on Wednesday on 98.3 in Arizona, Game says his family were out for money when they called upon him to pay for his female cousin's funeral, and although he did offer to pay for part of it, his offer was rejected because they expected him to pay for all the costs. The rapper felt that wasn't his obligation.

    His cousin, Kirky, however claims that Game agreed, left him with the bill, and then showed up to the funeral and punched him.

    "I already know what their motivation is. Their motivation is basically money," said Game of his family. "[After my cousin died], it was like my phone was going off the hook. Everybody was calling asking for money, and you know, just asking me to pay for the whole funeral, which I don't have no problem doing, but that's not my obligation.

    "I feel like they were just trying to play me out of [$17,000]. I talked to my mom about it. My mom said 'you should pay for the casket and the flowers, if you wanna do anything.' They rejected that because they wanted me to pay for the whole thing," he continued.

    As far as the alleged incident at the funeral, where he alleged punched Kirky after they became involved in an argument over money, The Game revealed that his cousin had been plotting against him even before the funeral took place, saying he had enlisted his friends and were planning to jump him when he showed up.

    Despite finding this out, Game wanted to pay his respects to his late cousin, so he showed up and put their differences aside. However, that didn't work.

    "Two days prior to this funeral, my cousin Kirky, he's already got his Crip homies at the funeral. He called my brother Fase and asked him would he jump in if him and his homies jumped me at the funeral," explained Game. "He's already plotting on me. When I get there, I'm thinking the funeral and the death of his sister would calm all that. When I see him, I shake his hand, I go sit down and tell him I love him."

    "He's a pallbearer, so he's supposed to be carrying my cousin to the hearse, and going to the cemetery so she can get into the ground. But he's coming at me, pulling at me, and the first thing that he said was 'Hey homie, what's up with that cheese?'" the rapper said. "He's like 'You The Game right? You supposed to be big rapper, why ain't you pay for the whole funeral cuz?' So I'm like 'You trippin' homie, that ain't my obligation. I got a family. My kids, my sister dies, you ain't got to put in no cheese, no nothing.' So he was like 'You ain't my motherf***** family' and pushed me. The whole family jumped in and it was just like a Royal Rumble. I didn't bring no entourage or no weapons, I was just trying to see my cousin in the ground."

    Since the incident, The Game has built a lot of animosity toward his family. While referencing a line from the late Notorious B.I.G. Game says, "Mo money, mo problems. Now, my family is my worst enemy. I hate them more than I hate 50 man."

    Later on during the radio conversation, of course, the topic of 50 Cent came up. When asked if he hated 50 Cent in his heart, the rapper said no.

    "I don't genuinely hate him, but I hate him for the things that he's done try to take food out my kids' mouth and try to render me helpless in hip-hop," said Game.

    "I hate him for what he did to myself and Young Buck, and the same thing he's gonna do to Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo if they go the other way. 50 is just an unhappy individual. No matter how much money he make he ain't never gonna be happy man."

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    his family sound lik greedy, money hungry pigs! why should he have to pay for the whole funeral expenses?

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