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Thread: sticky fingaz

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    shut em down is dope haven't heard their other albums but the guest appearances were heavy with verses from pun,nore,dmx,method man and raekwon and sticky fingaz has the most hyped up grimy verses

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    herd kirk jones album n onyx r on a track wiv the wu on the anthology. sum 1 up it, my download of anthology got wiped when my pc did.

    from that track ,id compare the whole onyx crew to vinnie paz or celph titled, more vinnie paz - real aggressive n raw. some times like necro.

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    yeah all we got iz us is the best onyx album cause it's the most consistant. Sticky's Decade was mad slept on and Black Trash is a classic no doubt, to me it's like Menace II Society or another classic hood movie on a cd. peace

    "Even if I bleed to death I can't die
    Not even if I fell from ten stories high
    Yo, I'ma rule the underground or get shot trying
    No matter how many times I get hit with the hot iron
    I'm not dyin'!" - Sticky Fingaz

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    yeah i already made a thread of fingz

    i hear hes working on a new album not sure tho but if he aint gonna start working soon ppl gonna forget him


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    yo Technical One where u at u kno sumptin about his new album right?

    Lets Connect Politic-Ditto

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