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Thread: Buckshot and 9th Wonder - Chemistry

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    Default Buckshot and 9th Wonder - Chemistry

    I know I'm probably late on this, but I just got this album and I must say it has got to be the best album I've heard all year. Way better than Monkey Barz. I heard a few people saying it wasn't any good, so if you didn't like it what was your major problem with it? I thought the beats were incredible, and Buckshot did a nice job too. Also, if you've heard better albums this year let me know which one???

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    Default Re: Buckshot and 9th Wonder - Chemistry

    I like Monkey Barz better. 9th beats are tight, but they aren't his best, and Buck is tha shit, but he sounds kinda plain. I heard they made this whole album in 3 days, that might be the problem. It's still fuckin' dope, 4 star album. I'd take some other albums ahead of this like

    One.Be.Lo "S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M."
    Sean Price "Monkey Barz"
    Zion I "True & Livin'"
    Cormega "The Testament"
    Common "Be"

    Off tha top of tha head
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    Default Re: Buckshot and 9th Wonder - Chemistry

    Easily the best album I've heard this year. Much better than Monkey Bars, which is nice too. Shit is simple. You can tell they threw it together quickly. Buck knows what he's doing, so he ripped the shit out of most 9th Wonder's beats effortlessly. This is real hip hop.

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