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Thread: A Look Into My RhymeBook

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    Exclamation A Look Into My RhymeBook

    DialatedSpecies3: Artificial senile in biles constructing tiles synthesized from my synical Penicle/
    DialatedSpecies3: My macromolecules are pulled by mules that fuel inside your regional temple Subliminal/
    DialatedSpecies3: Phospholipids inside your carbon structures get ruptured from the paturbed impaturbable/
    DialatedSpecies3: My chemical properties get props and complexes from their alterego perplexities, and complexities/
    DialatedSpecies3: From my arteries and Extremeities my enemies get crushed into their Perspicacity/
    taxesuck: 5th dimensions of time warping from the top of the Himaliyans to ancient rituals with the Mayans//
    DialatedSpecies3: Percapita I'm a scooba diva with felonious cacophonious euphonious homeostasis/
    taxesuck: to pharmaceutical forces producing manufactured medicine resulting in blind poets illuminating bright thoughts like Thomas Edison//
    taxesuck: verbal architects constructing non-penetrable coliseums guarded by statues of prophets against empires in hip-hop museums//
    taxesuck: IQ~of^a~prophet with brilliant thoughts splendid ~ creating false illusions like rainbows bending ~ cerebral thoughts with lower intelligence have trouble comprehending//
    DialatedSpecies3: I'm sending messages collapsing your spinal disc, my esoteric flow will have you speakin' wit a Lipsc/
    DialatedSpecies3: multiplication of my multipilcity in my vicinity so you can suck my DIDICKS/
    DialatedSpecies3: Trogodytic patterns that surround your map urns that burn through Saturn with a Passion/
    DialatedSpecies3: have you forgot about the telekinetic assassin, that seperates your soul from yor body then starts Blastin'/
    taxesuck: moral demons extracting semen from homosapien hosts ~ gathering network of behavioural patterns like meteorological observation posts on ocean coasts//
    DialatedSpecies3: no Question marks on your hearts circle your circulatory, and drop on you faster then Ten stories with my Story/
    DialatedSpecies3: Fideism give you mal' to your props in prisms, that has seriel killers, and rapies claimin' I'm too Gorry/
    DialatedSpecies3: Stomach is gasrous my compendioum is capendious without a single Thesis/
    DialatedSpecies3: Fecundate @#%$ in your brain, and stomb in your teeth into your hypothalamus/
    DialatedSpecies3: anyone still wantin' beef can crawl in my intestines in an form that gives Dichroism to anyone in my SPectra/
    DialatedSpecies3: I'll detach your brain from your spinal cord so fast, through your Chest Protecta/
    taxesuck: twisting your brain stem like Swedish ponytails ~ abundant amounts of petroleum oil resulting in beachfronts filled with bony-whales//
    taxesuck: the Nazca Plains are just stains and archaeological remains of extraterrestrial planes that have been preserved in desert climates where it never rains//
    taxesuck: fanatics fascinated by crop circles ~ devastated like mothers that are infertile ~ in need of a miracle ~ genetically modified turning you heterocercal//
    taxesuck: IQ's corrupt like a part time detective robbing your residence ~ showing up an hour later at the scene of the crime and tampering with the evidence//
    DialatedSpecies: My epidermal is raised to an altitude tha decreases the verisimilitude of you surviving my aptitude/
    taxesuck: rare species dilated and false evolutions created when hostile states under siege are dictated ~ it's all related ~ read in between the lines and let your stereotypical perspective be vacated//
    DialatedSpecies3: Infer my blurred visions of intertwistin' oscillation of my vocal tones of Vibration/
    DialatedSpecies3: I'll repopulate an dpollinate a nation wit implanted undertones from my own NASA Station/
    DialatedSpecies3: Iconoclast, so I suggest you don't clash unless you want your legacy to die in a gash for cash, in on a skelatol strusture Cast/
    DialatedSpecies3: skeletor wit a voltron action figure in significent intelligent receptors make your ideas dissolve in a Flask/
    DialatedSpecies3: Tectoic plates is what I shake when my lake spawns the dawn of don with pure sulfur, and Phosphorate/
    DialatedSpecies3: On a scale from one to a 100, callin' yourself over 500 you'll still get Ate/
    taxesuck: attempted assassinations in the Vatican have resulted in cloned Popes and false mannequins//same with presidents and half the congress ~ snap every bone in your body starting with the longest//
    taxesuck: advanced technological inventions feature transmissions triptronic ~ hotboxed automobiles fuming with chronic ~ beat boxing so well you'd think my voice box was electronic//
    DialatedSpecies3: oN hydroic my hydrophilic philippic tears @#%$ like intestinal gases,bouncin' phonics off your Subsonics/
    taxesuck: landscapes tainted with fertilizers that claim their organic but profit greedy souls mesmerize-us//
    DialatedSpecies3: And even If I went around callin' myself NAGASAKI you'd still be scared to Bomb It/
    DialatedSpecies3: I lust for the thrust of my metamorphic dust, taht's my deoxyribo is fertilizin within all of Us/
    taxesuck: yo Fat Boy don't make me put you in the figure 4 and test your elasticity ~ I stand tall even though it seems I'm like Niagara Falls they way I create electricity//
    taxesuck: encrypted cyphers top secret like the Freemasons pledge ~ or the true purpose of Stone Hedge growing on cypress sedge trying to destroy-it with a pitchers wedge//
    DialatedSpecies3: I'm makin' no Cents like a flatchested prostitute, now what neophyte wanna convert to MYCISM and have wisdom to Shoot/
    DialatedSpecies3: Spit a NEOLOGISM to lodge in your mirror image,and call yourself my foot because you'll always get my boot/
    DialatedSpecies3: I'm not even touching the wordplay, I'm just shining off your skin givin' you more cancer then Ultraviolet Rays/
    DialatedSpecies3: My stomachs in enormous amounts of pain, your barracks are gettin' haunted by spirits in lyrics that castrates wit Spray/
    DialatedSpecies3: I am adhesion,I'm piecin' a leasin' of pieces missin' from your Telathon Rapathon/
    DialatedSpecies3: and nobody is lookin' out for you, like an obese swimsuit Marathon/
    taxesuck: Atlantis is under a projecting ridge on a submerged mountain under cold water somewhere in the Pacific//
    taxesuck: IQ leaves details specific ~ your ego looking horrific ~ your claims are unscientific ~ my gestures can be honorific ~ my philosophy is prolific//
    taxesuck: @#%$ the modern English language when y'all can't understand this// I might as well translate all the above onto a Phaistos disk or Egyptian hieroglyphic//

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    toxic substance errupting body structure corrupting this rupture
    from the confines of a death instructor preaching suicide lecture
    shreded by a wild boar within a secret sector and scatter the limbs
    within the diameter of this hectre then place the odds outside the centre
    premature leisure experimenting sloth acting upon this ovulating seizure
    blind man with insight tripping of acid seeing hot flashbacks guaranteed
    like taxes as long as the globe is spinning on a slanted axis marine
    polyps reside in corals satan spits oil and lucifer teaches morals stone
    cold heart and a hole in his pectorals from gang affiliated quarrels
    portraying the saying of a crusader slaying a muslim like he aint homosapien
    hating on this bloodshed painting that Bush used of a radical Arabian

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    Unilateral pinions hold primordial immortals from minions entering

    intergalactic portals light Blue ionic auroras revolve around orbiting oracles who foretold historical metaphors of hyena skinned coracles entering rivers with floral based harbors haunted by oxymoron?s of pernicious morals.

    Omnipotent tyrants gnomonically preach propaganda south of Canadas
    spectacular cannibis inspires acumen hence avoiding morbid apoplexies otherwise deemed scandalous with the candles lit spirits manifest into vandalous analysts
    metrical measurements of a rainbows candelas

    Verbal mechanic synthesizing quantum chromo dynamics beneath the Atlantic
    40 degrees latitude north of the Titanic surrounded by the echoes of impetuous panic
    Can?t stand it how my alter ego is buried in granite and the pressure forces him
    to undergo anthropomorphism

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